Hooray for Happy Mail!

Happy Mail.

I know I am getting old and decrepit but it’s only recently that I have come across the term being used. It’s a cheerful phrase, isn’t it? It’s one of those phrases that makes you want to smile before you even know exactly what it’s describing.

Today I received some Happy Mail. I knew immediately that it was Happy Mail because a sticker on the outside told me!

This is what I found inside my Happy Mail envelope. I knew that I would be receiving a parcel and had been mildly disappointed that it wasn’t here when we arrived home yesterday. However, I found it today: Mr. (or Ms.) Postman had left it under our doormat and then slid the mat so that it was slightly up the wall.

Some of you may know that recently Sew Mama Sew hosted their biennial Giveaway Day.

It is great fun and I spend far longer on the computer than I should entering “just one more” giveaway! I have found that it is a good way of finding interesting blogs that you might not otherwise come across. One that I came across was Patchwork Delights and the rest, as they say, is history – OK, that may be overstating it somewhat! Anyway, I won, and today my Happy Mail arrived!

This is what I received: two lovely fat quarters and two reels of quilting thread. (Sorry about the poor quality of the photo – my iPad doesn’t like artificial light.)

The thread is one recommended by Fiona of Patchwork Delights. The cellophane wrap says “Super X Petaloyda” but please don’t google that – it comes up with rather naughty suggestions! Google asked if I was looking for “Super X Petalouda” and, apparently, I was!

I have no idea what I shall use these fat quarters for but I am thrilled to have won them and the ‘naughty’ thread.


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