Painterly Patches Course – Update

Some of Marjolein’s work

This update is rather late as I forgot to take a camera with me to the last session before Christmas and I was then scuppered by my online email account! Confused? Julie at the UCAN Centre has begun a blog for the Centre and kindly said that I may use her photographs for my blogpost about the course. However, for some reason, my online email account decided to divert the notifications of Julie’s posts to my Junk Mail folder, so I missed them! Oh well, at least I found them this evening!

The WEA Painterly Patches course has been quite a revelation to me and, I think, to many of the other participants. None of us knew what to expect at the start but Shenna Swan, the tutor, really helped us to develop our artistic and sewing skills enabling us to produce our quilt panels. So much love and effort went in to the work that several people had not completed their panels by the end of the final session of the term. Luckily, the course is to continue in January so if anyone needs any further help they will be able to ask Shenna.

Below are photographs of some of the panels that have been created:

The last photograph shows part of the lap quilt that I have been making during the course. I had spent much of one session putting together a length of patchwork bias binding which I was proposing to use to bind the edges. I took the binding home to finish preparing it and, whilst working on it, decided that it wasn’t quite right. I therefore took much of it apart and added some fabrics from home. I was rather pleased with the result but, when I began pinning it in place, I realised that it didn’t look right. Luckily I had some bias binding that I had made previously which, I decided, would be ideal. I have now completed my lap quilt using that second batch of bias binding. I shall publish a more detailed piece about my lap quilt in a few days’ time.


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