My Next Sewing Challenge

All set and ready to go. It took a while to prise Peter away from the dining table so that I could set up my sewing machine, but this morning I did eventually manage.

My latest project began yesterday. I was thinking about what I would like to sew next and went to sit in my craft room to see if inspiration would hit me. The first thing I did was open the drawer and boxes that contain my fat quarters so that I might have the pleasure of gazing at them.

Some of the boxes are stored under my desk and, when pulling them out, my eyes alighted on another cardboard box containing squares of fabric that I bought from someone’s stash at a quilt exhibition that I visited with Elizabeth. There were several sizes in the bundle I bought, ranging from 2″ to 9″. The majority of squares measured 4.5″ and it looked as though there would be enough for a single quilt. There were some patterned squares which measured 5″ and I decided to cut them down so that I could use them, also. This is the haul that I gathered together.

You will see that some of the squares are actually made up of two half-square triangles but I haven’t let that stop me from using them! Also, a few of the squares have already been stitched into pairs.

Most unusually for me, I decided to plan (yes, honestly!) a quilt which I intend to donate to Siblings TogetherSiblings Together works with children who are in, or leaving, care. The work particularly with children who have been separated from their siblings, sometimes by hundreds of miles. The organisation brings the siblings together for holidays so that they may spend quality time with each other. Each child is given a quilt or a blanket of their own, to keep.

Back to the plan… I sat at my desk and counted all of the squares available to use: there were tens of some and just a couple of one pattern. With the list of squares in front of me, I pulled out a sheet of squared paper and a box of crayons and worked out a design which would, I hoped, ensure that the different squares would be fairly evenly spread across the quilt top. Here is the proof that I did actually make a plan:

I began stitching today. You’ve heard the saying “one step forward and two steps back”? Well, that was me! Eventually I managed to stitch together four rows . I propose to add one more row across that section and then quilt it before starting on the next section. I thought about doing small quilt-as-you-go blocks, but the number of squares I am stitching together for the quilt top does not easily lend itself to that way of working.

I’ll let you know how I get on with the quilting!


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