Modern Pincushions by Debbie Shore – Review


Modern Pincushions by Debbie Shore, published as an e-book by Vive Books is a collection of pincushions in Ms. Shore’s inimitable style including the instructions for making them. The pincushions range from elaborate gothic to a simple ring-style and even one made from a [new and unused!] dog toy. There is a pincushion for every occasion!

Debbie Shore is a TV presenter, author and actress who is on a mission to get the nation sewing. To this end she has written several books and produced DVDs about her beloved hobby. The books include Modern Smocking Parts 1 and 2 [also published by Vive Books], Half Yard Heaven and Sew Bunting.

Debbie has used some of her smocking ideas
for this pretty pincushion

With Modern Pincushions Debbie encourages us to make pincushions from everyday objects around the home. That is one of the things that I particularly like about this book and, in fact, Debbie Shore’s style of teaching – it is not necessary to have lots of different templates, household items can be used for the purpose, so anyone who has a bit of fabric, a needle and some thread can have a go.

The Contents page is interactive so that readers can navigate directly to their chosen design. This is followed by a page of useful tips for working with the e-book. the Introduction which shares a little history of pincushions, (including an interesting snippet about tomatoes!), a page showing ideas of what tools are required and then some instructions for some of the hand stitches used in the projects.

The instructions for making the pincushions are easy to follow – Ms Shore has a very relaxed presentation style which is easy to watch. Not even absolute beginners should feel intimidated by her! Having said that, if the reader finds any continuity errors, I would advise that they just push on with their project regardless! That is the joy of these designs – there is no absolute right or wrong, you put your own slant on them.

There are even instructions for making
your own Mannequin!

There are several embedded videos in the e-book showing how to construct some of the projects. These are extremely useful as they can be paused and/or repeated as necessary. There are also a couple of drawn templates for the comb, tail and wattle of the hen and an anchor for another of the designs. However, if you are able to draw, you may not even want to use them.

I have tested a couple of the designs today. Firstly I made some of the ring pincushions:

I don’t particularly like ‘bling’ but did manage
to add some sequins to one of them!

Next, I attempted the Chicken design:

I have just realised that the camera angle
makes it look as though the tail is halfway
down its back – it isn’t, honestly!

Both designs were quick and easy to make by following the instructions. It took me longer to choose which fabrics to use. I watched the video for making the chicken in its entirety before beginning to sew and would certainly advise beginners to do likewise.

This book is a pleasure to use and well worth adding to your ‘stash’. It would also make a wonderful gift for anyone who is interested in sewing or who is considering taking up sewing as a hobby.

Publication was brought forward by Vive Books so, at the moment, it is only available direct from them. It will be available on Amazon around the end of January.

Modern Pincushions by Debbie Shore
Pages:                  81
Download file:      630 Mb
Format:                e-Book
                            Downloadable .pdf or CD-Rom
Publisher:             Vive Books
Price:                   £16.00
ISBN:                    978-1-906314-62-0


4 thoughts on “Modern Pincushions by Debbie Shore – Review

  1. Debbie Shore is doing a fantastic job in getting people into sewing again. I am one of the converted, and it's nice to see that you are helping by including her many talents into your blog
    Mags (aka: grannyfanny)


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