Painterly Patches Course Update

Yesterday [Friday] the Painterly Patches course resumed at the UCAN Centre in Farnworth . All the usual faces were there including Shenna, our tutor, newly refreshed after her holiday in Egypt, plus a new member.

We spent a short while at the start on a ‘Show and Tell’ of our progress on our projects from last term. The picture at the head of this post is of one of Marjolein’s two pieces. Her work has been very popular within the group, everyone enjoying her use of bright colour. Below is her second piece, again using bright colours. Apologies for the angle of the pieces, I had to snap them quickly before Marjolein lowered them!

Diane showed her finished piece. One of the aims of the course had been to encourage us to use colour and texture to express our feelings. I think that, like me, Diane put a lot of emotion into her work.

Tracy is due to become a grandmother shortly – twice over – so she made a small quilt for the expectant mothers. During yesterday’s session she was attaching the binding to these, with Shenna’s help.

Some of the group need to complete their projects from last term. Shenna suggested that they cease working on them in class at the end of our next session, so that they are able to start on this term’s project. Ann has a little more hand stitching to do on her piece which is going to be a cushion cover. Ann has stitched some of her shapes using long stitch. I was telling her yesterday how impressed I am as her long stitches are very neat.

Shenna told us that this term will be a 12-week course during which we will be creating some crazy patchwork. I am really looking forward to working on some crazy patchwork and my mind is already buzzing with ideas of how I want to embellish it.

With a pile of pictures and patterns provided by Shenna for inspiration, we began to put ideas on paper. To keep our brains nourished, Shenna kindly provided cheesy nibbles and brandy snaps – yummy! Sadly, I don’t think brandy snaps will be a regular feature of our sessions!


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