Painterly Patches Course Continues

I am really pleased because the WEA Painterly Patches course at Farnworth UCAN is continuing this term. I am not finding the course enormously challenging but I am learning new skills and it gives me somewhere to practise choosing and using colour. Shenna Swan, our tutor is always happy to help and advise, doing it in such a relaxed and supportive way that one feels totally comfortable asking for help.

Friday was the second session of this term and several students were completing their projects from last term. Shown at the head of this post is Jamilla’s panel – the panel has a stunning impact when you see it, which does not come across in a photograph. [I would like to thank Anne for all of the photographs in this post. I forgot to take my camera and Anne took pictures with her phone in quite challenging circumstances! Thanks, Anne.]

Erica has used her bright, cheery panel [above] on a cushion cover. I rather like patterns, such as the one she used, which comprise two interlocking but distinct shapes. it is such a simple but clever type of design.

Dianne designed a very pretty pattern for her panel, including a heartfelt message.

Tracy has now attached the binding to her two mini quilts for her daughters. It is just as well that she has finished them as one of her daughters has just made her a grandmother for the first time. Tracy is full of creative ideas and knows how she wants to show them.

Ann [as opposed to Anne!] has worked steadily on her piece, sometimes appearing to be lacking in confidence. The blue and green shapes at the bottom of her panel are worked in long stitch. I don’t think Ann realises how difficult it can be to keep the correct tension on long stitches and how beautifully she has sewn them!

Several of us were working on our crazy patchwork projects for this term. Last week we had drafted out on paper ideas for our design and this week could either continue with that drafting or begin choosing fabrics and planning how to put the design together. I had grabbed some scraps from my stash and taken to the session.

These are the fabric pieces that I pulled out for my piece of work. Shenna has said that we should have a final use for our project in mind, partly because we need to be mindful of the size required, but also for putting together the design. She has suggested that we might like to applique onto our crazy patchwork. However, at this stage, I think I would prefer the crazy patchwork itself to be the complete item. I propose to use it to cover a notebook so perhaps I could applique something to say that’s what it is. Watch this space!


2 thoughts on “Painterly Patches Course Continues

  1. Another wonderful Blog as always Dina – no need to thank me, I only did what any friend and fellow crafter would do. I am very impressed that you are thinking of using your crazy patchwork as a notebook cover – inspired. Well done x


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