Be Creative This Weekend

Some time ago I watched a programme on Create and Craft TV which was selling an embellishing machine (also known as a feltmaking machine). The guest expert on that show was Myfanwy Hart. I was immediately impressed with her skill and ability on the machine and decided there and then that I wanted an embellisher. I became a follower of Myfanwy’s blog.

A few days ago Myfanwy posted about needing to make time to be creative and mentioned an initiative on Facebook called ‘Be Creative’. The idea is that participants commit to being creative for 15 minutes a day during this coming weekend. In my usual manner of acting without thinking, I applied to join the group on Facebook, and was accepted. As a member I am able to sign other people up to the group, so I roped in Anne as I thought she would be interested. Luckily she was pleased that I had put her name down!

I posted in the group about having put together the fabrics for my crazy patchwork project and that I had changed my mind about using that palette. I received some useful feedback and constructive comments with ideas of how I could use what I had produced. It felt thrilling to be part of this interested and interesting group – it gave me a real ‘buzz’. I mentioned it to Anne who admitted that she is enjoying it, also.

The ‘Be Creative’ initiative runs from Friday to Sunday and Myfanwy will be posting ‘prompts’ for participants throughout that time, in case we need some ideas for our creativity. I really don’t know what to expect from all of this but I am looking forward to it.

I’ll let you know how it goes!


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