Attempting to be Creative on Saturday

Day 2 of the Be Creative weekend and I have been struggling to find time to do anything creative.

This morning I checked on the Be Creative blog to see what the overnight prompts had been. Nothing particularly took my fancy apart from number 10 which suggested doodling. I didn’t do it at the time but managed to put pencil to paper this afternoon.

As you can see, pencils and my hands are not the best of friends. In fact, when paper is added it’s almost as though war breaks out. My drawing skills are abysmal. However, I didn’t allow a little thing like that to stand in the way of my creativity. Make way! Genius at work. Well, a girl can dream, can’t she?

When I put the point of the pencil on the paper I simply let it wander wherever without lifting it off the sheet. Once I had the curled line I began to embellish it, adding the same embellishments to every loop. I then decided that the doodle was complete and left it to one side. This evening I posted it onto the Facebook group page. When I was photographing it I noticed a happy face, which cheered me up after a bit of a grotty day. Others in the group could see a dog and/or a seal but I’m blowed if I can see either of those. Isn’t it funny the way our eyes and minds work?

I also worked on prompt 16. 

This one involved a photograph of a nest of mainly pink/purple threads. It was suggested that we imagine we had just found the threads and that we were told that we had to use the threads. We posted our ideas of what we could do with the threads. My ideas were to put the nest between two sheets of water-soluble stabiliser then do free machine embroidery all over. Wash away the stabiliser and mould the newly-made fabric over a dish or bowl to create a new dish or bowl or, alternatively, to use the new fabric as the front flap of a handbag. Another idea I had was to use the threads in either wet felting or felting on the embellisher.

I am hoping that tomorrow will be such that I am able to be rather more creative…


6 thoughts on “Attempting to be Creative on Saturday

  1. It wasn't compulsory to do all the prompts but you did so well over the weekend so far. 15 minutes isn't long – and sometimes it's good to move away from familiar things and just do it. Looking forward to tomorrow 🙂


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