Being Creative on Friday

I can’t draw. I don’t think that statement will come as a surprise to anyone who looks at the photograph above.

Today is the first day of the Be Creative weekend organised by Myfanwy Hart. Prompts are being posted on the Be Creative blog throughout the day and night to offer ideas to stimulate our creative juices. The first prompt of the event was “Draw six overlapping circles. Colour and/or fill resulting segments with texture marks.” The photograph above shows my drawing of the circles (and I have just realised that I didn’t check the wording and so omitted to overlap one of my circles). There are severals in which I am unhappy with the drawing: the circles themselves are poorly drawn, limited selection of colours, unimaginative marking of the circles, drawn on poor quality paper. I made this drawing late in the evening and I think I was too tired to be creative in my use of colour or texture.

But that isn’t the only creating I have been doing today.

This photograph shows the start of my second piece of crazy patchwork for the Painterly Patches course at the UCAN Centre. Having spent hours sorting, rearranging and securing all the fabrics for the pastel colours piece that I blogged about earlier this week, I then decided that I would prefer to use darker, richer colours and fabrics. So I spent time during this week choosing fabrics, trims and ribbons to use on the project and yesterday and today I began cutting, pinning and stitching.

This afternoon I went to the craft group at Coronation Road Community Library where we spent an enjoyable couple of hours doing paper folding. Each of us made a sunflower (yes, that’s what this is supposed to be!).

As well as the activities above, I have also been knitting another hat for the Syrians. So, all in all, I think I have well and truly covered my allocated 15 minutes of being creative!


2 thoughts on “Being Creative on Friday

  1. I posted a comment here yesterday, but it doesn't seem to have appeared. I often have problems with Blogger, so I hope this gets through. Thanks for joining in so enthusiastically. I've loved seeing what everyone has done – and can't wait to see how it continues.


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