Sunday’s Time to Be Creative

I drew these six circles at the start of the Be Creative Weekend after reading the first prompt. I freely admit that I don’t like drawing or painting – I have never been any good at doing it and, consequently, am completely lacking in self confidence in that direction. The trouble with drawing and painting is that one’s deficiency in fine motor skills are very obvious. Let’s be honest: if you were told the above drawing was done by a seven-year-old you would easily believe it. However, this seven-year-old has an extra fifty years to add on!

Right, back to being creative!

Later during the weekend, at prompt 26 we were advised to revisit our six circles and play around with them.

I began by copying the circles and enlarging them then moved on to colouring them. I settled on three colourways: yellow and orange, pink and red and purple with blue. I then cut them into strips using a small guillotine. (It wasn’t until after I had posted the pictures that it occurred to me that I could have cut them with wavy lines!) I was about to begin weaving the strips when I decided to take a photograph of all the strips in a heap on my cutting mat.

Moving on, I wove two squares from the pieces. I simply picked up strips as randomly as I could and wove a simple square. The squares did not look as attractive as I had hoped they would, but I wasn’t too displeased with them!

The final prompt that I worked on was number 27

The idea was for participants to think about what they had done and achieved during the weekend, then transfer those words to paper, it was suggested that we write in a spiral. I did begin with a spiral but my pen wanted to wander around the page – so I let it… and this is the result. I enjoyed working on this prompt. It made me think about the activities I had done over the weekend, what I had tried, what had worked well (and not so well) and what I had gained. The main things I gained were supportive comments from other participants and constructive ideas.

I enjoyed the Be Creative weekend so much that I have subscribed to Myfanwy Hart’s private blog so that I can follow what she does – and how she is doing it. Ooh, I can’t wait to find out about all those exciting things!


4 thoughts on “Sunday’s Time to Be Creative

  1. Push the pieces together tightly and sticking them onto a backing as you go. Trim the piece and it will make a fantastic piece. The colours are lovely and who would believe you thought the work was worthy of a 7 year old. We are all young at heart. I love playing with these exercises. Well done.


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