Painterly Patches Wash Up From Last Term

Last Friday at our Painterly Patches course at the UCAN Centre in Farnworth Shenna Swan, our tutor, did a sort of ‘wash up’ session to finish everyone’s projects from last term.

Ann was one of the students whose piece needed a little bit of work to complete it. Ann does beautiful long stitches and doesn’t realise how difficult many people find them. Ann and I have sat next to each other most weeks and I think she deserves a medal for that. She is very quiet and I, of course, am very bossy, so she has done well to cope with me! When I asked if I could take the above photograph, Ann leaned back in her chair. I told her she shouldn’t lean back as I needed her in the frame. I said I had managed to include her every time I had taken a picture of her work, therefore she would have to be in this one to prove it really was hers! She retorted by saying that I had to include her earring! Ha ha ha! So, ladies and gentlemen, please study and admire Ann’s earring, as well as her stitching!

This is Diane’s rag quilt. Hmm. Or is it Dianne’s? We have two Dianes – one with one ‘n’ and the other with two – but I can’t remember which is which. Sorry, Dian(n)es!

As you can probably guess, Dian(n)e has made this for her granddaughter. I really like the way she has used lots of colour, without flooding the quilt. What a beautiful memento for Ella-Mae.

During last week’s session, Anne and I moved into another room to work. We had each brought a pile of stuff to use in our work and needed space to spread out. It is useful to have a second room available for people on the course to use. As I was in the other room I’m afraid I didn’t see what the others are working on and didn’t take any other photographs except this one of my own piece, which is in its very early stages.

My hope is to produce a piece of crazy patchwork in a similar vein to that stitched by Victorian ladies. If you have done that type of patchwork I would welcome any tips or ideas as I really don’t know what I am doing and I desperately want to produce something wonderful!


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