This Week I Have Been Mainly…

If you remember The Fast Show which was on the BBC in the 1990s you will recognise the title of this post. We loved The Fast Show in our family and were constantly quoting the punchlines. So, to quote from a regular sketch in The Fast Show:

This week I have been mainly making hats. Or, more precisely, knitting hats. Ten days ago, Peter and I decided to go on a cheap and cheerful coach trip to Scotland. Whenever we go on any holiday I always take something crafty to do. This time I took some embroidery and some hand knitting, plus a bag of scrappy ends of yarn.

I have recently been doing a lot of knitting on circular needles. My friend, Elizabeth, is a fan of circular needles and I can certainly see why. You may find that they take a bit of getting used to but, once you have cracked that, you will be well away. The three main benefits, in my point of view, are that they hold more stitches than straight needles, you need less room to knit with them, and the weight of your knitting is on your lap rather than dangling off your needles. I have found that using circular needles is ideal when travelling as it means my elbows are not attacking everyone around me. I have a feeling that Peter might also be pleased that I use circular needles!

I am still frantically knitting items for Syrian refugees and those in need within Syria. On Sunday evening, before our departure, I was looking for a pattern for a child’s aran jumper but couldn’t find anything suitable. Instead, I decided to continue knitting hats as they don’t take much room and are simple to knit without a pattern.

I sorted out several odds and ends of yarn (I’m sure the ends of balls of yarn multiply when I’m not looking!), plus needles before we left for Scotland. I didn’t manage to knit all of the yarn I took and, in fact, came home with a couple of extra balls for my stash – oops! – but I did knit six hats during the week. I didn’t do any of the embroidery I had taken, though, as the light wasn’t good enough.

As for the scrappy odds and ends…

Thank you, Peter, for offering to model
my shaggy creation.

This is how they ended up! Another of my famous (or should that be infamous?) shaggy hats. Although Peter is modelling the hat for the photograph, it also will is part of my donation to the Great Syrian Knitting Appeal.


2 thoughts on “This Week I Have Been Mainly…

  1. I absolutely agree with you, Dina, on your three main benefits of circular needles. I used only straight needles for many years until one day I saw my friend knitting a jumper on circular needles. I gave it a try and never looked back. 🙂 Six hats in a week! You are a speed knitter!


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