I Lost My Way

Today I decided to try colouring some papers. This follows on from when I took part in the Be Creative weekend organised by Myfanwy Hart. I signed up to Myfanwy’s Creative Diary as I would like to learn new techniques and to play with colour.

Myfanwy talked about colouring papers in one of her posts and, whilst reading it, I thought it could be a fun thing to try. This morning I decided to give it a go.

Initially I was going to use some pages from an old paperback book but then I remembered that I had kept a couple of old road atlases specifically to use for craft projects, so I decided to use some pages from those. That was my first mistake. I had forgotten something Myfanwy had mentioned… the shiny finish on some paper. Oops! 

I began with this map of Leeds (I didn’t particularly choose Leeds, it was more that I chose not to use any other page). I remembered that Myfanwy had said she wet the page first, so I did likewise – my second mistake. (Can you see a pattern developing in my method?) Then I began applying watercolours to the page – unsuccessfully! I think the combination of wetting a shiny page was just too challenging for those poor watercolours! This was where I had lost my way. However, I did not give up. Instead, I moved on to my second map – this time of Inverness town centre.

I applied the watercolours directly onto the dry page but, as you can see from the photo above, it didn’t work terribly well. I continued across the entire sheet then returned to Leeds and added more colour. The colours seemed to ‘take’ better the second time around. I set these two sheets aside to dry and tried something else.

The Index, left, and Nottingham, right.

I thought I would try the inks that are used with rubber stamps and embossing powders. Taking a page from the Index of the atlas, I applied a light purple by pressing the pad directly onto the paper. I didn’t worry about applying it evenly, I decided that the marks from the corners of the pad would be ‘design features’. When I had covered the entire page I used a small tube-shaped sponge to apply some bronze-coloured paint lightly over the top. I was rather pleased with the result! It hasn’t come out well in either the photo above or the one below, unfortunately.

Finally, I moved to Nottingham. On this page, I began trying to use the bronze paint but did not like the effect it created so I decided to use a rubber stamp with several stars on it and a bright pink shade of ink, then stamped across the entire sheet. The stars turned out very small and smudgy so I took a stamp with one star about 1/2″ across and stamped that in blue randomly over the page. Again, the photographs do not show the detail terribly well.

I don’t know what I shall do with these four sheets. I may try to add more colour or, perhaps, try to iron on some stabiliser and stitch into one of them or something else. I’ll see how the mood takes me.


2 thoughts on “I Lost My Way

  1. Great experiments! What a great idea of stabilising your paintings and stitching on them. Gift tags, greeting cards… that's what comes to my mind. I am sure you would come up with something creative and interesting.


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