The Creative Juices Are Flowing In Farnworth

I was on holiday last week and missed a session of the Painterly Patches course at the UCAN Centre in Farnworth. When I went to the class this week I was amazed to see how everyone’s work had progressed in the intervening period. Last term several of the students had struggled to come up with ideas and how to develop them, but this term the creative juices really seem to be flowing.

The photograph at the top of this post is of Marjolein’s piece showing a lovely sunlit house. She has used a lovely selection of fabric pieces which she has tacked into place before stitching them more securely.

Ann is still developing her ideas on paper. I’m sure she will be pleased to know that her beautiful earring is on show in this picture! Below is her cushion, now completed.

Anne (with an “e”) has been working really hard on her piece. She is making a cushion for her bedroom. The design incorporates a face that she has drawn which is inspired by the paintings of Alphonse Mucha. Anne has been concentrating on working at the detail of the face but is now going to be developing the background. I had suggested the shift of emphasis as I think the face may change considerably with the effect of adding a background. This could lead to Anne becoming disappointed in her work. Luckily, Shenna (our tutor) also mentioned this to her so I didn’t feel quite so bossy!

Shenna spent some time with Diane who was working on the sewing machine, stitching together the feathers for her owl. Diane was lacking in confidence on the sewing machine but, by the time she had sewn a few of the feathers, you could see her confidence growing.

Jamila has brought together a collection of bright colours which I think are lovely and cheering. There is a sparkle in her work which seems to match her mind.

Tracy has obviously been working very hard on her piece as she is farther on than e rest of us. I rather like her idea of a heart made up of interlocking puzzle pieces. Her bold choice of colours makes the design stand out.

You may have noticed that I have not included a picture of my own piece. This is because, having created the piece using pastel-coloured fabrics, I have completely changed tack and am now working with darker fabrics. I am sewing them by hand, which is a slow job, and they look rather uninviting at the moment (except to me). In addition, I had to cut a square out of my backing fabric to give to Lilian, who needed it for the quilt she is making. Consequently, my work looks rather more “scrappy” than I would hope!


4 thoughts on “The Creative Juices Are Flowing In Farnworth

  1. You are so right about those creative juices. I think Shenna really brings out the best in us (at least in me she does). When I started the course I couldn't imagine myself being creative. I surprise myself more than once, suddenly you just make something and you don't know where it's coming from. A strange, but good experience I had never seen before.


  2. Each time we do something when i draw it i never seem to do that in material but watching everybody over the weeks improving it makes the class worth going to


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