Look How Clever My friend Is!

Today’s post is about a quilt made by a friend of mine. It’s a Signature Quilt made by Anne, who is also on the Painterly Patches course at Farnworth UCAN

Anne is a volunteer at the Centre and an enthusiastic advocate of its benefits. She is also a keen stitcher so was an obvious choice when deciding who should make the quilt.

The original idea of having a signature quilt was suggested by Julia, who is an administrator at the Centre. She had seen one in Rochdale and thought it would be a good idea for Farnworth. Anne then suggested that it be made in the style of a house as Farnworth UCAN is run by St. Vincent’s Housing Association. Many people who use the building are tenants of St. Vincent’s.

The idea was for users of Farnworth UCAN and residents of St. Vincent’s to sign and embroider their signature on a ‘brick’ of fabric and for staff of the Housing Association to sign roof tiles.

Anne asked people to sign the relevant part and coordinated the project, including embroidering the St. Vincent’s logo and the words “Signature Quilt”. Julia and Anne put the panels together and Anne worked to bring the quilt to this point.

The quilt is a wonderful example of a community project bringing everyone together.

Well done, Anne and Julia.


6 thoughts on “Look How Clever My friend Is!

  1. You're famous because you put so much work into the quilt. You were the one who coordinated, coaxed and cajoled to get the 'bricks' signed and embroidered, as well as putting in many hours stitching the quilt together. All I did was tell people.


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