So Much To Give

These are some of the knitters who have made and donated items for Syrian refugees and displaced persons within Syria. The photograph above is of members of the Redbank Knitting Group in Radcliffe. But… They’re not the only people who have donated items for this cause, which is so close to my heart. The Friendly ELKS (East Lancashire Knitters and a Southerner) Loving Hands group donated a large number of knitted items, as did members of the knitting group that meets at Cobwebs and the Knitting Basket in Tottington on Thursday evenings, plus some other bits and bobs. Also, a lady called Pat at Swithun’s Bank housing scheme donated several crocheted baby blankets.

My friend, Elizabeth, very kindly offered to store all of the donations for me and also said she would accompany me to the motorway services where I was due to hand over everything we had been given.

Yesterday afternoon, I arrived late at Elizabeth’s house (I have apologised for my tardiness!) and from there we drove in convoy to the motorway service area where we were due to meet Sian, of The Great Syria Knitting Appeal, and her husband (whose name I unfortunately cannot remember). I had warned Sian that we had quite a lot of bags to hand over so she and her husband were prepared for it! The boot of Elizabeth’s car was full to overflowing and I had two well-stuffed plastic sacks plus two more bags to hand over.

Sian and her husband were delightful. I think they may have been surprised and possibly even a little overwhelmed by the success of the knitting appeal. They were certainly very appreciative of everything that was given. It is a lovely feeling to know that everyone’s work is valued. It is also very rewarding to meet the people so closely connected with the onward transmission of the donations to their destination. Sian said that the donations will be delivered by Hand In Hand For Syria with whom The Great Syria Knitting Appeal is now linked.

I know that I have mentioned my interest in helping Syrian refugees several times before and have possibly bored you by now, but please just read a little further.

I have been humbled by the response that I have had from people when I have asked for support for this cause. I am so very grateful that others have responded so positively and practically. To everyone mentioned above and to anyone that I may have forgotten (sincere apologies if I did forget you), I say a heartfelt “thank you”. Your support has been wonderful and, if I may, I would like to ask you to continue giving it.


2 thoughts on “So Much To Give

  1. Hi Dina, Thank you for mentioning Pat in your 'roll call of thanks', I will show her tomorrow when I see her. I did notice however, that you did miss someone very special out – YOURSELF!! Because without you none of it would've been done, so even though it isn't like you – YOU DESERVE THANKS TOO – so I vote for a pat on the back for DINA – WELL DONE THAT WOMAN xx


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