Going Crazy at UCAN

Friday morning dawned and one of the first things I had to do was sit and look out of the window for 10 to 15 minutes, without any distractions. (I shall write about that some other time.) What a lovely way to begin the day – well, it would have been if there hadn’t been any distractions! I don’t know how it happens but, if I need a bit of quiet time, it seems to trigger something in Peter that makes him talk about absolutely anything – even the price of tea in Azerbaijan! Any other time he is very taciturn!

Back to the matter in hand. The picture above is of this term’s piece of work by Jamila on the WEA Painterly Patches course at Farnworth UCAN. I love the way Jamila uses colour and think she has a good ‘eye’.

You can see Jamila’s piece again this photo. In the foreground is Erica’s crochet, which is her interpretation of the crazy patchwork. Colin has also chosen to do crochet but I don’t have any photos of his work this week.

Our class took place in another room this week due to work that is being carried out in the building. Ann and I still managed to sit side-by-side and shared equipment. Ann is cutting out the squares for a quilt that she has decided to make. After some guidance from Shenna two or three weeks ago, Ann is choosing a lovely selection of fabrics to work with. Anne (with an ‘e’) told me on Friday night that Ann (without an ‘e’) had sent her a photo of all the squares laid out in a design, ready to sew, so I’m looking forward to seeing
it when I return to the course. (I shall be absent for a week or two for various reasons.)

The owl in this picture is being made by Diane. I think he is absolutely gorgeous! 

This picture shows Marjolein stitching her lovely piece. Marjolein has used a wonderful array of fabrics and textures in her picture – I don’t think she realises how artistic she is. She was beginning to embellish her work with embroidery and was unable to decide which stitch to use. We were talking about various stitches and then I, being bossy (can you believe that?), said she should just ‘go for it’. As I explained, she has plenty of room to try all sorts of stitches so it doesn’t matter too much if she’s not very happy with the first stitches, near the edge!

I am so enjoying this course – not simply for what I’m being shown, but because of the people I am meeting, the ideas I am having and the chance to share the small amount of knowledge that I have.


2 thoughts on “Going Crazy at UCAN

  1. I think you underestimate your talents Dina, the work you produce is always of a very high standard and you were definitely missed last week. It is a nice group that I'm proud to be a part of and I enjoy sharing my time with the people who attend.


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