OK, so this might seem a little weird.

This post was written as part of the “Be Creative weekend” initiative and is not intended to be taken seriously!

I know this sounds weird but this blogpost could save your life! Yes, I know it seems absolutely mad but, please, read on.

Some of you may know that I studied Astrophysics at university and I am currently researching my PhD.

In the course of my research I have been privileged to be among the very few people to see some of the amazing discoveries that have been made during the course of the Voyager’s mission. Many of those discoveries have not yet been shared on the world stage and some have only been published within the last two weeks. This one is so exciting that I decided to share it with you before the world’s media chew it up.

It is so frustrating for scientists when news reporters talk about our research and end up giving a completely false impression of what has been done. Well, this particular worm has turned!

You probably believe this object is just a humble paperclip. Well, think again!

It has been discovered that the paperclip’s shape was in existence in the far reaches of the universe long before Johan Vaaler or William D. Middlebrook, or whoever else claims to have invented it in 1899. In fact it is THE most important building block of the universe to have been discovered to date.

The shape, known by astrophysicists as a hexangular tri-arcuate quadrallelogram is more important and more necessary to life on Earth, or anywhere in the universe, than oxygen, or even chocolate!

This humble shape is what everything in the known universe is based upon. Even the most basic life forms on our planet, when stripped right down, begin with this shape.

The discovery of the hexangular tri-arcuate quadrallelogram has changed the face of CERN and every other large hadron collider currently operating. It has moved the search for the Higgs Bosun particle forward by at least 40 years.

It is immeasurably difficult to comprehend the importance of this shape – without it, life as we know it would simply not exist.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the HEXANGULAR TRI-ARCUATE QUADRALLELOGRAM.

** In case you hadn’t realised, this post is absolute nonsense!


12 thoughts on “OK, so this might seem a little weird.

  1. Well I'm convinced. Can't wait to read what the Daily Mail will say when they hear about this. Are you leading the press conference? 😉

    And thanks for being the only one so far to want to save the world!


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