Way Outside The Comfort Zone

Today we are going to be working way outside my friend Elizabeth’s comfort zone! In fact we are so far outside she probably won’t even be able to see us! Elizabeth doesn’t like using thick crochet hooks or knitting needles and we are going to use a 12mm hook!

Abakhan are continuing to provide materials from time to time, for me to use on here and I am grateful to them for that support.

Today’s project is rather like my dining table which is, in fact, a sideboard. No, I haven’t gone mad! Allow me to explain.

In 1991 we were moving house and looking for a new dining table. My mother was visiting and I took her with me on one of my furniture-hunting expeditions. We went to an amazing emporium in Taunton, Somerset where we found a wonderful array of beautiful furniture. One item, in particular, took my fancy. It was a mahogany- veneered sideboard. I fell in love with it!

When we returned home I told John about the sideboard and insisted that he had to see it. He also fell in love at first sight and we bought it. We didn’t manage to find a suitable dining table for several years but always referred to the sideboard as being a dining table!

To return to today’s tutorial, the reason it is like my dining table, is that it was originally going to be a storage basket. When I began designing and making the basket I was unhappy with the look of my crochet so pulled it back. Yesterday I began again and was far happier with the quality of my crocheting. However, as I was working the vertical section it didn’t go quite as planned! Oops! Instead if pulling it back for a second time, I decided to continue and make it into a bowl. I rather like the shape that I have made. I hope you do, too!

Bossy Basket Tutorial
(UK terms are used throughout)

1 cone of Hoooked Zpagetti  (available from Abakhan here)
12mm crochet hook (click here to buy)

1st Round – Ch 3, sl st into first ch.

2nd Round – 8 DC into ring. (8 sts)

3rd Round – Work 2 DC into each st. (16 sts)

4th Round – *Work 1DC into first st, work 2 DC into next st**. Repeat * to ** to end of round. (24 sts)

5th Round – Work as 4th round. (36 sts)

6th Round – #Work 1DC into first st, 1DC into second st and 2 DC into third st##. Repeat from # to ## to end. (48 sts)

7th Round – Working into the side (or stem) of each stitch, “work 1DC into each stitch. (48 sts)

8th Round – Work 1DC into every st. (48 sts)

9th Round – as 8th round.

10th Round – as 8th round.

11th Round – {Work 1DC into each stitch for next 11 sts, do not work into 12th stitch}. Repeat { to } to end. (44 sts)

12th Round – Work 1DC into next 5sts, ^Do not work into next stitch, work 1DC into each of the next 10 stitches.^^ Repeat from ^ to ^^ twice. Do not work into next stitch, 1DC into next 5 stitches. (40 sts)

13th Round – Work 1DC into each stitch.

Bind off.

NOTE: Working Round 7 creates a rim for the bowl to sit on.


I used 285 gms of yarn

The bowl measures 23.5cm x 7cm (9.25″ x 3″)


4 thoughts on “Way Outside The Comfort Zone

  1. Lovely Bossy Basket Dina! I really like the shape of it, the colour is nice too. I enjoy working with 12mm knitting needles sometimes, but I have never tried a 12mm crochet hook.


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