Lets Hear It For The Boys (And Girls!).

Periodically the media decide to kick up a storm about some of the UK’s service industries. Royal Mail has been known to be on the receiving end of some of the criticism. Well, today, I would like to share a little something about our regular postman (oh, should I have said ‘post person? If so, I apologise for not having done so.)

A few weeks ago a friend who lives abroad posted two parcels to me. I eagerly awaited the arrival of our post person each day but to no avail – said parcels were not delivered. Oh, woe was me! Disappointment beat at my breast! (Am I sounding like Shakespeare yet?)

My friend said she would send another parcel to me and my wait began again.

On Thursday of last week there was a firm rap at the door. When I answered it, I found our regular postman with a smile on his face and a parcel in his hand – my parcel. From my friend abroad. He needed a signature for the parcel and whilst I was signing we began chatting.

Now… There is something unexpected about our street. Or, perhaps I should say there is not something expected?

The houses in this road were constructed by two separate developers at two different times. The houses with the highest door numbers were built prior to those with lower numbers. Because of a change to the original plans, fewer houses were built in the second development than had been anticipated. One of the consequences of that change was a considerable gap in the house-numbering which means that our road does not have any houses numbered between 18 and 40 – hence the “unexpected”.

Mr. Postman explained that the parcel he was holding was wrongly addressed: our door number had been transposed. Consequently, the person who was delivering the previous day, when Mr. P was off, had marked the envelope with the words “No such address”. “
When he had arrived back at the Sorting Office he had put the parcel on a shelf, instead of returning it to the sender. Our regular postman had happened to notice the parcel when he was sorting the next day’s delivery and he recognised the name. He then checked through that day’s mail for people in this road (as he couldn’t remember which house I live at), found a letter with my name on and placed the parcel with that mail.

I told him I was expecting another parcel from my friend which was likely to be addressed incorrectly. He said he would keep an eye open for it. Well, he was as good as his word, and delivered the second parcel yesterday afternoon.

So, thank you Mr. postman, you’ve made a Bossymamma very happy!


4 thoughts on “Lets Hear It For The Boys (And Girls!).

  1. I think postmen are great. I have lived at various addresses and have always been happy with the friendly Posties. My Dad became a postman in his late 50s and enjoyed the job.


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