Stitching With Friends At The Sewing Directory Meet Up

On Saturday 01 March, Little Sis and I went, along with other stitchers, to the Sewing Directory Meet Up in Exeter.
Meeting old and new sewing friends
The meeting was organised by Fiona Pullen of The Sewing Directory and follows on from several successful sewing meets arranged by her during last year. As people arrived there were greetings of “it’s lovely to see you again” heard from several directions. I think most of the people there knew at least one other person, if not half a dozen!

Sewing and craft related gifts

Everyone received a complimentary bundle of sewing- and craft-related goodies to take home which included a retractable tape measure, a fabric marking pencil and a calendar, amongst other things.

The scramble for fabric!

Will Abakhan from came along once more, this time with his girlfriend. He provided a lovely pile of fabric which everyone was invited to rummage in and take what they liked. Great fun was had by all as we rummaged amongst the fabrics!

Andrea hand stitching some applique

The idea for this meet was that there were several sewing experts available to help with any techniques that we might find difficult and we could call on them as necessary. In the meantime we worked on our own projects.

Hexagons were popular

Jo worked on her Dresden Plate

Jean also worked on some Dresden

Whilst Trash was busy with her Economy blocks

Here is Kerry chatting to Rosie
Will from Abakhan concentrating at the
sewing machine

Andrea and Little Sis are learning about
inserting zips from Pippa

A lovely skirt upcycled from

Will proudly putting his iPad in the
tablet cover he has just made

Look! It’s reversible!

This is Tina’s first attempt at
making a skirt!

Rosie’s first Economy Block

Will’s a superhero on the
sewing machine!

Rosie applying binding to a
quilted block

Trash’s cute koala Economy Block
I hope you have enjoyed this photo montage of our sewing day in Exeter. We had a lovely time and arrived back at Little Sis’s home absolutely exhausted. But it was well worth it!

12 thoughts on “Stitching With Friends At The Sewing Directory Meet Up

  1. I hope you took notice of the Dresden plate – that's what I need for Naomi!!! You all seem to be having such a brilliant time – I am very jealous. Thank you for showing all the wonderful photos Dina!


  2. Really enjoyed your recap of the day. I hope that we are able to have more frequent meet ups. Thank you for posting your photo of my hexagons!


  3. just lovely to see all the piccys. how nice to have groups like that i am green with envy. it is so nice that you take the time to shear your piccys and tell us all about it. i dont feel so left out now. lol lol
    Hazel (muralou)


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