An Important Benefit of Attending the Sewing Day

Meeting others at the sewing day

After my post about the Exeter Sewing Meet Up which took place on Saturday 01 March, I realised that I hadn’t mentioned an important benefit, for me, of being there.

A couple of weeks prior to the get-together I emailed Will from Abakhan about a couple of  things and, early on Saturday morning, we decided to find time during the day to deal with one of them (more about that at a later date). 

A little later Will told me he had a present for me but he wouldn’t give it to me until we had our tete-a-tete. From then on, throughout the day, he kept teasing me about the present. I am very impatient when I know someone is going to be giving me a present – I don’t do waiting! I kept telling him that I would be perfectly agreeable to him giving me the present earlier, but it didn’t work!

At last the time arrived for us to sit with our heads together but he still didn’t hand over the present! It was nearing the point where he would be reported to the NSPCB (the National Society for the Prevention if Cruelty to Bossymamma)!!! Luckily he saved himself from that plight by handing over the gift. Phew! Look what he gave me! 🙂

Bossymamma’s present

My very own personalised box of baclava! Yummy scrummy in my tummy! And…

I don’t have to share because it says whose it is! Hee hee hee! (Have you guessed how much I love baclava yet?)


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