Quilts for Charity

A couple of years ago I read on a couple of blogs, including Lily’s Quilts, about an organisation called Siblings Together. Some quilters were making and donating quilts to the project which brings together siblings separated by the care system. Reading about it touched something within me. I wasn’t a quilter but felt that I wanted to help.

I made a quilt earlier this year and blogged here about the free motion quilting that I managed to do on it. When I began working on it I knew it was destined for Siblings Together and I hoped to make one or two more. Unfortunately I haven’t managed to do that… yet. However, my Monday morning knitting group have been busy knitting and crocheting squares for a couple of blankets for the scheme.

The quilts and blankets are given to the children at the end of the Siblings Together get-togethers and are sometimes their only possession. In fact, it is sometimes difficult to convince the children that the quilts are theirs to keep.

Around 70-80 quilts have been donated over the past couple of years but it would be good if more could be added to that total this year. If you are interested you can find out more about the scheme here. Once you have read more about it, it would be wonderful if you felt you could do something to help.

If you are willing to help by, for example, making and donating a quilt, offering fabric which could be made into a quilt, supplying the backing or wadding for a quilt, or in some other way, please head over to Lily’s Quilts and leave a comment at the end of the Siblings Together 2014 post.

Thank you.


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