Be Creative Postcard Swap

The card I created for the postcard swap

As part of the Be Creative initiative launched by Myfanwy Hart, a postcard swap took place in February. As usual, I jumped in without really thinking!

My first attempt at a postcard

I decided to discard my first attempt at making a postcard. I wasn’t happy with my choice of papers, nor with the writing. I had used a gel pen with metallic ink and it simply didn’t show up well enough – even though I had gone over the writing several times.

The inspiration for the card I posted came from looking at those made by other participants. That gave me an idea of what might work and gave me the nudge I needed to try again. My finished postcard was nowhere near as exotic or beautiful as many of those made by others in the group but I have just about managed to not be too downhearted about it. I was trying something new so it’s OK that it didn’t turn out as well as some others.

The lovely card I received in the swap

Upon returning from seeing my Little Sis, I found this lovely card which had been made for me by Carol, had arrived. She asks on the reverse if I can spot the deliberate ‘mistake’. Well, unless it’s that the ‘T’s haven’t been crossed, I have no idea what the mistake might be!

A lovely card from our swap mistress

I also found this interesting postcard made by Myfanwy Hart, our swap mistress. I think, because of a comment Myfanwy made, that some of the elements may have been damaged or lost in transit. However it has still given me inspiration.

If you are interested in taking part in the next Be Creative Weekend, it is taking place on the 28, 29 and 30 March. To find out more either click this link  or search for “Be Creative” on Facebook.


8 thoughts on “Be Creative Postcard Swap

  1. It's hard to compare our efforts with those of others but your card is beautiful and individual in its own right. This has been a great swap, and I'm looking forward to the next Be Creative. I wonder what we will do then……. 😉


  2. I like both your cards, Dina. The fabric scraps in the first one make it very interesting. But I agree that the writing got lost. The combination of colours in the second card is great. Like all the messages on it. This card can be a great addition for an inspiration board.


  3. Dina, I can empathise with you regards the card making! I have been making fabric postcards for about nine years, and the Be Creative weekend was the first time I had ever tried a “paper postcard”!
    I guess though, the more we follow Myfanwy's prompts the more comfortable with the concept we'll become.
    But seriously, I bet that if you called your card a COLLAGE you would be happier. I think it's a great collage!


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