Painterly Patches – nearing the end of the course

Marjolein’s Crazy Patchwork House

Friday’s Painterly Patches session was the penultimate one of this term. It was a good day to catch up with how everyone’s work is progressing.

At the head of this blog post is a photograph of Marjolein’s crazy patchwork house. I really like what she has made, not least because I recognise several fabrics that I brought along for the members of the group to use. Marjolein and I are the only people on the course who are actually doing crazy patchwork so it is interesting for me to see the difference between our respective pieces of work.

My Crazy Patchwork – a work in progress

Whereas Marjolein has created a picture, mine is random. People keep asking me what it 

is going to be and all I can tell them is that I am hoping that it will look like a piece of Victorian-style crazy patchwork. For some reason they are finding it difficult to understand that my main focus is the process rather than its final use. Grrrrr.

Jamila’s crocheted blanket

Jamila crocheted this blanket in the week leading up to this session. Once again her skill in choosing and using colours is evident.

Diane’s patchwork owl

Here you can see Diane working on the wings of her lovely owl. I am really looking forward to seeing it when it is finished.

Latch hook motif

Tracy has completed this latch hook motif for Jamila who is using it as decoration on a cushion.

Attaching binding to a bedcover

Erica showed me that she is in the middle of attaching the binding to a bedcover that she is making for her granddaughter.

Planning the design

Tracy has moved on to yet another project! I’ve lost count of the number of items she has made – her output is unbelievable! Aren’t those monkeys cute?

You can see from these photographs that we are doing various activities on this course. There is quite a mix of skills amongst the students and we share those skills and also ideas, alongside Shenna’s tuition and guidance. It’s a lovely course to attend.


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