Be Creative Weekend

The weekend of 28/29/30 March was the third Be Creative weekend of this year, organised by Myfanwy Hart. The idea is to encourage people to spend 15 minutes a day being creative. Sometimes we forget to make time for the creative things we enjoy. Myfanwy’s goal was to show that one can create something in as little as 15 minutes.

I signed up for Be Creative to challenge myself and to try new things. As regular readers will know, I struggle for ideas but like to chop and change (for ‘chop and change’ read ‘get bored easily’!). Being part of the group certainly addresses both of those issues! 

The weekend comprises a series of ‘prompts’ devised by Myfanwy. The first ‘prompt’ of the March weekend involved sitting in our favourite space and contemplating our surroundings. I’m not sure why, but I felt that I really didn’t want to follow this particular prompt – it may have been tiredness, or perhaps my head just wasn’t in the right place, but certainly I shied away from it.

Hand drawing completed with colours
and patterns

I was far more comfortable with the second prompt – to draw around our own hands – and the later one to fill all areas of that drawing with colouring in or patterns. Since embarking on these weekends I have become less self-conscious about my drawing.

Manipulated completed Sudoku puzzle

Another two prompts used a completed Sudoku puzzle as their starting point. The first involved colouring the completed squares of the puzzle. Numbers 1-4 used the first colour, 5-7 the second and 8-9 the third. In the later prompt we had to choose one of the grids contained in that puzzle as the basis for a repeated and manipulated pattern. The photograph above shows what I achieved.

Some strange-looking mugs

In this prompt we were encouraged to draw a mug using, first, our dominant hand and a continuous line but without looking at the paper. Secondly we repeated it using our non-dominant hand. In the final part we drew with our dominant hand but were allowed to look at the paper as we were drawing. I must say. I was pleasantly surprised with my efforts.


6 thoughts on “Be Creative Weekend

  1. Thanks for writing about our weekend, Dina. I really enjoyed it. It's a great group – and open to anyone that is creative as you say. How interesting that you shied away from the first prompt even though you didn't know how it was going to end! Thanks for sharing your lovely work.


  2. Love the mugs, Dina! I think you did really well. That's an interesting exercise. Hand drawing looks lovely with the combination of all the colours and patterns.


  3. Several of the prompts take me well outside my comfort zone – drawing the mugs was one! However, when I signed up to be part of the group I decided to just try things and share the results. It is such a supportive group that it feels safe to do that. I'm glad you like my masterpieces! Ha ha ha!


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