Crafternoon, Craft All Day, Craft and Play

Crafting, Knitting, Sewing

I have had a lovely, crafty week. It began with a present I received from my younger son. He has recently been on holiday to Norway and bought me some knitting wool, which he sent as a gift for Mother’s Day. It was a lovely surprise. The parcel included some multicoloured felting wool, some 100% superwash wool and some which is an 80% wool mixture. I shall enjoy experimenting with them all!

On Mother’s Day itself, my elder son brought my Sweetie Pie, Treasure and Precious to visit. (Those are the pet names I have for them and I use them here to preserve the family’s privacy.) My Treasure asked me if I had “the bits for knitting” but he was actually a little confused and meant “sewing”, although he didn’t want to do any sewing: their favourite toy when they visit is a tub with lots of reels of white cotton. The three of them derive a lot of pleasure from the games and activities that they devise using those cotton reels. It’s a wonderful way of using cheap thread and they were certainly being very creative!

ATC made to be ‘lost’ and ‘found’
ATC made for my Be Creative
swap buddy

On Monday morning I went to the Red Bank knitting group and continued working on a jumper that I making for charity. I can’t believe that I have stuck with it knitting that jumper as I have had to pull it back three times. Yes – three! I seem to have it sussed now, though! In the afternoon I carried on working on what I was making in response to the Be Creative weekend prompts. These included the two paper ATCs above: one for the swap that was organised and the other as a piece of art to be lost and which will then, hopefully, be found by a member of the public. I also made the postcard below as part of the postcard swap.

Postcard made for Be Creative swap
Stitched ATC I made for an informal
swap in the Be Creative group
The ATC I received from Grace as part of
the Be Creative swap

This photograph shows the ATC that I received in the Be Creative swap. Grace, who lives in Somerset, stitched it. Isn’t it delightful? Thank you, Grace.

I spent some of Tuesday and also Wednesday doing Be Creative activities, including stitching this ATC for a member living in Queensland, Australia. I finished off the stitched ATC on Thursday and then moved on to my next craft activity – making a quilt for Siblings Together.

Before I could begin stitching, or even planning, I had to sort through the precut squares that I had and count them. I could then move on to plan how I would lay them out which, for me, involves squared paper and coloured pencils. With my coloured plan in hand I began to set up my sewing area. I have to sew at the dining table but everything, apart from my sewing machine, is upstairs in my craft room, so gathering everything together involves several trips up and down stairs.

At last I could begin sewing! I sew the squares together in a way recommended by Jennie Rayment i.e. stitch the first two together, then the second two, then the two blocks of two. I sewed the first two squares together then began on the second pair but the telephone rang halfway through and that was it for the afternoon!

I was up early on Friday morning (before 06.00) so I sat at my sewing machine and pieced together the entire top section of the quilt before breakfast. However, my craft activities for the rest of Friday will be revealed in my next blog post.

Happy crafting!


3 thoughts on “Crafternoon, Craft All Day, Craft and Play

  1. What a wonderfully creative week you have had, Dina! How nice and thoughtful of your son to send you a parcel with wool all the way from Norway. I love your pet names – Sweetie Pie, Treasure and Precious. How sweet and clever to use it on your blog. The ATCs and the card are lovely and very creative. You used a lot of green. 🙂 I absolutely adore the card with tulips you have stitched. Beautiful!


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