Day 5 – Parkinson’s Awareness Week

A few days ago a letter arrived for me from a holiday company that we have travelled with on several occasions. One of the leaflets in the envelope had details of a holiday that Peter and I are eager to go on. It was a cruise to Spitsbergen in the Arctic Circle at the end of June of this year. Cruises to that region tend to be in June or July as those are the months when the Arctic ice has usually thawed sufficiently for access by sea to be possible.

However, we have a dilemma. I had already been planning a trip to Australia to see members of my family. I can only cope with the Australian weather when it is at its coolest i.e. June and July. Although I went to Australia last summer I would really like to go again this year as my aunt and uncle are both over 80 and I would like to see them again.

If this had cropped up a few years ago Peter and I would simply have agreed to postpone visiting Spitsbergen. It’s not so simple now, though, is it? Now Peter’s Parkinsonism makes things more complicated. If we delay the trip to Spitsbergen by a year, will he be fit enough to go? Will he be able to get travel insurance?

I know the future is an unknown country but, generally, it would be fairly safe to assume that life will be pretty much the same next year as this. How often do we hear the phrase “All things being equal”? But, they’re not equal, are they? Parkinson’s reared its ugly head, didn’t it? It feels as though it has taken control of our future. It has taken away our confidence to make plans more than a few months ahead.

Generally we don’t dwell on the fact of the Parkinsonism but it’s always there in the background. It always has to be taken in to account. We can’t just ignore it. We can’t make decisions about the future without considering it. We can’t control it.

And, not being in control is a nasty place to be.

We’d rather be in Spitsbergen.

To help people with Parkinson’s to be #In control, please click here.


2 thoughts on “Day 5 – Parkinson’s Awareness Week

  1. Dina, it's a huge dilemma really. But if you could take both trips in one year, then come to Australia in August-September. I find it difficult to cope with Australian warm climate but it's still quite cool and lovely during Spring time. It's so hard not to be able to be in control of your life and your future, and to be torn between people you love. Hope it all works out well for you all.


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