Open Studio at Worden Arts & Crafts Centre

Wet felting using a resist
On Sunday, Anne with an ‘e’ and I went to Worden Arts and Crafts Centre near Leyland in central Lancashire. Our tutor on the course on Friday mornings, Shenna Swan, was having an open day at her studio there. 

I was interested to see more of Shenna‘s work as the pieces that I had seen during the course had piqued my interest.

The entrance to Shenna’s studio

There is a pretty courtyard within the complex and this is where Shenna‘s studio is located. It was easy to spot!

Isabel knitting her tension square

As we walked in we saw Shenna’s daughter, Isabel, busy knitting a tension square in preparation for her knitting project. How handy to have such a knowledgeable mother!

Spindle and fibres

Whilst Shenna was making a drink for each of us, Anne and I began looking around. I was immediately drawn to this informal display in connection with the upcoming Spindle Spinning workshop on 28 June. It was easy to find out about the various workshops that Shenna offers, without having to ask as a short description of each workshop along with the date, time and cost was placed next to the various displayed items. As there was a 20% discount being offered during the open day I made sure I took full advantage of it!

Choosing some handmade button
as a memento of her visit

 A lovely Scottish lady came in whilst we were looking around. She and her husband were en route to Wales but she had told him that she had to call in at the studio. She was telling us that she had just knitted a herring for the Follow the Herring project.

Happy to have bought some lovely

That’s one of the lovely things about doing crafts: when you meet someone else who is interested, you immediately have something in common and to talk about – it’s almost like an instant friendship!

Laying the fibres for wet felting

Shenna began a feltmaking demonstration. She was doing wet felting, using a resist. I have only tried this once and wasn’t entirely successful. (I don’t think it helped that the tutor on that course was teaching us what she had been shown on a course on the evenings immediately prior to each of our sessions!) I was fascinated when Shenna said that she uses a roofing material as her resist! She made a small bag and showed Anne with an ‘e’ and I various ways of finishing off the handle. The two of us are going to a two-day WEA crochet/felt workshop which Shenna is teaching at the end of this month. I’m looking forward to that as I enjoy making felt.


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