Scraps, Stash Building and Bargains

Silk scraps in rich jewel colours

Scraps, stash building and bargains – crafting nirvana!

For the last week or so I have been having frequent migraines which have been building to a crescendo. I don’t know if you are aware, but migraines are not always accompanied by excruciating headache, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t nasty. Up until recently I have coped well with migraines but now they are causing problems. Such was the case yesterday. It meant I was struggling to concentrate on any craft so I decided to take a short trip to an Antique and Collectors Fair which was taking place in a nearby village. The fair is well known for the quality of the items and the potential for bargains. And what bargains I had!

When I arrived I headed straight for the haberdashery section upstairs. At first sight it looked disappointing but I wasn’t deterred and began to systematically look through each section. The selection of silk pieces in the picture at the top of this post were in a small cellophane bag which was the first thing I decided on. The pink silk sash in that same photograph I picked up as I was waiting to pay. It is about 15 feet long! I’ve no idea what I shall use it for but the colour is so delicious and there’s so much of it that I just had to buy it.

Silk scraps in muted colours

The next item I picked up was a small resealable freezer bag which looked decidedly the worse for wear. I could see it had one of those bags with a cellophone front and paper back but couldn’t see what was in it, and I could also see some scrappy bits of white thread and yarn. I thought the bag might be worth risking so I kept hold of it. [By the way, little or nothing has a price marked on it at this sale – you wait to see what you are charged and then decide whether or not to buy.] When I looked in that freezer bag this morning I did, indeed, find some scraps of white thread and yarn but I also found all of the beautiful silk scraps in the picture above. In addition, there were a few colourful lengths of fancy thread/yarn and a small piece of a neutral fabric with shiny patches, a couple of scraps of organza and a scrap of black lace with flowers embroidered on it. These are in the photo below, together with a piece of furnishing fabric in delicious rich colours which I think will make a beautiful bag.

Scraps, a silk tie, rich colours and bling!

Also in the picture is a silk tie to add to my collection – I don’t know what I am going to do with them but I like to buy silk ties when I see them at bargain prices. I also bought the fiery drawstring bag with lots of gold sparkle to ‘bling’ it up!

Pillowcases, gingham and stripes

My next finds were three, virtually new, pillowcases which I shall use to make pillowcase dresses for Dress A Girl Around The World. On the same table I found this pink gingham curtain – I’m sure the fabric will be “just what I need” one day! I found the piece of striped fabric hidden amongst a pile nearby and decided it would be a useful addition to my stash.

Yes, they’re green!

I happened to spy this pack of glass beads on the table and picked them up. Yes, they’re green – in fact, most of them are quite nauseating shades of green – but I might need to use green in a project some time [oh, yeuch!], or, I could generously offer some to others and deprive myself of their glistening beauty! Have you noticed how skilled I am in writing rubbish? Ha ha ha.

Design resource books, hand embroidery
reference and Sewing World magazine

Onward to the books section and I found these beauties. The reference guides on the left are both British Museum Pattern Guides: Islamic and Early Celtic designs. The Embroidery Stitches book by Mary Thomas looks interesting and the edition of Sewing World magazine will be worth poring over whilst sipping coffee.

Beautiful shimmering colours

This photo does not do justice to the exquisite shimmering purple and pink of the fabric. It is a lightweight furnishing fabic and I just had to have it. I needed it.

I told you about the bargain prices? Well, for all of the above items I paid just five pounds. Yes, that’s right, £5.00!!! The lady in front of me was charged £10.00 for her purchases and I was quite expecting to be charged the same, so imagine how thrilled I was!

With my head still spinning from having got such a bargain, I went downstairs to look at the old linens and bought these – not such a good bargain, but at £3.00 they weren’t bad.

Linen and crocheted lace

Even excluding all the wonderful things I bought, I was pleased I went. As well as seeing Maureen and Eunice, I saw Linda and was able to have a chat with her.

Just as I was about to leave Eunice asked If I had bought everything I was after. I said there was one more thing I needed: space to put all my purchases.


6 thoughts on “Scraps, Stash Building and Bargains

  1. You really need to start working in Crazy patch/Crazy quilting with those delicious silks and laces and tatting! I do so envy you having access to Antique and Collectors' fairs as a means of replenishing your stash!

    You may keep those green beads (thank you for offering! said I, struggling to keep a straight face)But you know, even the odd yukky green bead sometimes becomes a veritable crown jewel when embellishing a crazy quilt!


  2. Oh Maureen, your comment has had me chuckling out loud! Believe it or not, I am working on a small piece of crazy patchwork at the moment and… I have actually, deliberately, used some green on it!!! Shock, horror (takes own temperature and checks pulse)!


  3. What a great bargain! I am looking forward to seeing what you are going to make with all these bits and pieces. I can't believe you picked these glass beads, Dina! They are really green! 🙂 Love the silk scraps in muted colours and the linen. I have a bag full of white silk and silk satin but I have not come up with anything yet to make out of it.


  4. Yes, Larisa, I was really pleased with my haul! As for the beads, even I have to use a bit of green once in a while. 🙂 I have some linen scrap pieces that I bought from Cloth in Darlinghurst and I still haven't decided what to do with them!


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