Origami Folded Fabric Pouches Made By Readers of This Blog

Yesterday I was told by two readers of this blog that they had each made an origami folded fabric pouch using this tutorial that I had written. I was thrilled to bits, especially as I was able to see photographs of their makes. I emailed each of them to ask if they would agree to allow me to share the photos on here and I am pleased to report that they were happy for me to do so.

To prove that I am not favouring one over the other I am going to show the pouch made by Jenny of Cobbies Corner first – because it is green! (Why would she spoil my tutorial by making it in green? It’s OK, I’m joking!)

The pouch fastened with a cute flower button

Jenny has used two complementary green fabrics: a polka dot and a gingham. It looks bright and cheerful – perfect for the spring. It is certainly beautifully made, as you can see from the photo above and those below.

The pouch shown with the uppermost
flap open

This picture shows the pouch with both of the
flaps open

It is obvious that Jenny was very careful when she measured and folded the pouch. It looks beautifully neat and centrally positioned. Well done, Jenny!

The second pouch was made by Larisa of Stitching Notes. She has used a pretty purple fabric – yes, I admit it, purple is one of my favourite colours.

The fabric Larisa has used gives a different look
 from the green used by Jenny

Larisa has used an unusual fastening on her pouch. It may be easier to see in one of the following pictures.

This pouch has polka dot fabric on
the inside

The fastening can be seen extending
towards the bottom of the pouch


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