Hook, Yarn and Felt Workshop

For the past couple of days I have been attending a WEA workshop at Helmshore Textile Mill and Museum, along with Anne (with an ‘e’). The workshop was entitled Hook, Yarn and Felt and the tutor was Shenna Swan, who is also the tutor on our Friday morning course at the UCAN Centre in Farnworth.

There were eleven of us on the course, including one male! Some of us had done a little wet felting previously, others none. The same applied to crochet. However, I don’t think any of us had advanced skills in either discipline.

For the whole of Saturday’s session we concentrated on learning how to crochet. My crochet skills prior to the workshop were very basic. I had previously made plenty of the ubiquitous granny squares and tried a few other motifs and squares but, apart from some scarves, I hadn’t done any other crocheting. I soon discovered that the stitch I had thought was a double crochet (dc), wasn’t! I’m not sure what stitch I was doing but at least I now know how to work a dc properly.

Once I had corrected my dc I was keen to move on to another stitch or design. (Have I ever said that I am impatient? Well, I truly am – I am always in a hurry to move on to the next thing!) Shenna had brought a file of samples containing various motifs and invited anyone who was interested to look through it and choose a design to try.

My seamless crocheted pocket,
complete with contents

The first design I worked on was to make a seamless pocket. I became a little confused at the start of the second row when the instructions said to work into the underside of the foundation row but Shenna soon explained what was needed so I was able to steam ahead.  When I had made the pocket I felt really happy, disproportionately so. I don’t know why that should have been but it was a nice feeling.

First attempt at a seamless
crocheted pocket

From the pocket I moved on to a mitred square. I have attempted a mitred square before, unsuccessfully, but this time and using Shenna’s pattern, it worked beautifully. Well… I say that, but I changed yarns to make a two-coloured square and things went slightly awry!

The crocheted mitred square that isn’t square!

Seeing the end result, I decided that I would felt the ‘square’ to make most use of the unexpected ‘design feature’! That decision may not stand – I may just unravel it.

I then moved on to a star motif. The pattern was worked entirely differently to how I expected. When I queried how to work it, Shenna suggested I look at the diagram. Oops! That’s typical of me. It made sense once I had studied the diagram, although I had to ask Shenna to show me how to do a half treble (htr). Once I learned that stitch I was away and the pattern seemed straightforward. The only problem was that I ran out of time to complete the motif as classes held at that venue have to finish exactly on time because of  the closing time of the museum. As the motif was barely started, I unravelled it and replaced the yarn in Shenna’s oddments bag, so there is no photo as I had forgotten to take my camera with me. Sorry!

So that you don’t become too bored, I’ll post about Sunday’s fun later!


2 thoughts on “Hook, Yarn and Felt Workshop

  1. It was a VERY good weekend which I thoroughly enjoyed – however Dina, you've forgotten one aspect of the Saturday you haven't mentioned!! That you began crocheting with your left hand (your non-dominant hand) – just for the hell of it!! You're one very quirky lady!!!


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