Be Creative This Weekend

Fabric Artist Trading Card

About once a month there is a free event called Be Creative. It was set up by Myfanwy Hart, a textile and paper artist whom I first saw on Create and Craft TV.

The idea behind the Be Creative weekends is to encourage participants to spend 15 minutes a day being creative. It is not limited to 15 minutes, it’s simply to show that even spending just 15 minutes can be long enough to create something new and exciting.

An ATC that I received in a swap arranged
with another Be Creative member

During the Be Creative weekend, Myfanwy publishes “prompts” to give participants ideas to set them on their creative journey. there is no obligation to act on all or any of the prompts, they are simply provided to help if one is stuck for inspiration.

The Be Creative group is full of all sorts of people who enjoy creating. it is a safe and supportive environment. There is so much encouragement and positive feedback that it is a real joy to be part of it.

A postcard I created with the theme of

There have been postcard swaps and ATC (Artists’ Trading Card) swaps organised under the Be Creative umbrella. I have taken part in both and have swapped with people as far away as Australia. It’s lovely to receive the small works of art in the mail – “happy mail”.

I derive a lot of pleasure from taking part in the Be Creative weekends. If you fancy joining us it is simple: click on any of the links in this post. all the links will take you to one of Myfanwy’s blogs where you will find more information.

Below you can see some other pieces produced as a result of using Myfanwy’s prompts:

Sketches of a mug using my left hand, without
looking at the paper and using my right hand

I’ll bet you can’t guess what this is!

This was made by altering a drawing on the
computer, cutting strips and weaving
them together

We had to draw six interlocking circles
for this prompt


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