The Be Creative Weekend Has Begun

The Be Creative weekend began at 8.00 this morning (Friday). I am having a little quiet ‘me’ time before facing the challenges life has decided to throw at me throughout this week. As soon as I saw that the first ‘prompt’ for Be Creative had been published I made a start.

This was the Prompt number one:
The first prompt! Grab a piece of A4 paper and make yourself a drink – tea, coffee, something appropriate for your time of day.

While you drink carefully fold your paper into half, half again, etc until you have 16 equal sections. Fill two sections with circles.”
And this is what I did with it:
An A4 sheet folded into 16 sections with
circles filling two of the sections


2 thoughts on “The Be Creative Weekend Has Begun

  1. Oh boy we are working fast, I'm about half a day behind, well maybe almost a full day. However the first 5 prompts were quickly done during yesterday (Friday) afternoon. I'll get back to them and try to post my photos later today.


  2. Like you, I'm way behind. I knew that I wouldn't have much time yesterday so had already decided to spend lots of time today. A benefit of doing that is that sometimes various prompts can be tacked together, taking a little less time! I know we don't have to do all of the prompts, but I always want to do as many as possible!


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