Day 3 of the May Be Creative Weekend

My Franulated Kitchen Timer

It’s OK. Honestly. I haven’t lost the plot. One of the prompts during this Be Creative weekend instructed us to sketch something nearby, making sure it was ‘granulated’. Obviously, ‘franulated’ is a made-up word so we were free to put our own interpretation on it. In addition, it was suggested that we make up a word of our own. My interpretation of ‘franulated’ was ‘oozing and surrounded by green slime’. The word that I came up with was “inacular” meaning “of or pertaining to an inac”. I’ve no idea what an ‘inac’ is: if you find out, perhaps you would let me know, please!

A kitchen implement drawn using
my non-dominant hand

I can’t quite believe that I drew this plastic bag ripper, let alone that I used my left hand! It may not be destined for the walls of the Royal Academy but I am amazed that I managed to produce it and that it looks similar to the object it is supposed to be! I know that having the confidence to attempt the drawing has come from taking part in the Be Creative weekends. I am so pleased that I saw that the weekends would be taking place and that I was brave enough to sign up to them. I have tried many things that would not have even occurred to me to try and I am having fun.

Watercolour pencils before being

Watercolour pencils still damp

When the watercolours had dried

Prompt 14 was to design fingerless mittens to be added to the outlines of our hands that we had made earlier during the weekend. I decided that I wanted to use some watercolour pencils that I have had for several years. I have only ever used them as crayons but thought I would have a go at using them as watercolours. I coloured and dampened the mitten on the hand on the right and then decided to do some two-colour patterns on the other mitten. I used the same base colours on each finger as I had on the first glove then added a new colour. I dampened the paper for the left hand after I had completed all the colouring and patterning. I photographed it when dry, damp and dried after being dampened so that I could compare the effects.

The circles after being worked on
for several of the prompts

Throughout the weekend we have been working on the sheet of circles. To date we have filled in each of the 16 sections in various ways, cut out circles and sections and stuck circles from those sections onto other sections. Confused? So am I! It may seem a pointless exercise but it encourages thinking about different ways of making circles, use of colour and size, using the dominant or non-dominant hand. I used both hands at various times and did mirror writing using each hand. I think I am lucky because my left hand is not totally useless.

Collage using recycled papers

During each of the weekends we have been encouraged to use papers. I didn’t have much of a stash of papers that I felt were right for these exercises so, during April, I decided to keep a selection of papers that appeared. Those used above all came from the envelopes from Peter’s and my respective birthday cards and other birthday-related items. (** Note to self: stash is going grow even more and space in craft room will be even harder to find!**)

The May Be Creative weekend is drawing to a close but the activity doesn’t stop. There is a postcard swap and an ATC (Artist’s Trading Card) swap going on, both of which I have signed up for, so I shall be busy making for those. There are also several prompts that I haven’t attempted yet, so I may try some of those.

If you are interested in joining us click here and leave a comment to that effect, or apply to join the Be Creative group on Facebook. I thoroughly recommend it but, beware, it is ferociously addictive!


6 thoughts on “Day 3 of the May Be Creative Weekend

  1. If you click on the link at the end of the post it will take you to the blog where the prompts are published, Ley. Members of the groups continue to work on the prompts after the end of the weekend and continue to post in the Facebook group. Contact Myfanwy Hart, either via the blog or on Facebook to enquire about becoming a member of the group.


  2. You have had yet another exciting weekend, Dina! I am so impressed with your non-dominant hand sketch! The exercise with the circles is my favourite, it's really creative. You are doing so great! Looking forward to more reports about your creative weekends.


  3. Thank you, Larisa. I was so pleased with the drawing done with my left hand, especially when I remember the comments and looks I received from my art teacher at school.


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