Crazy Patchwork Course

Our theme for this term is 20th
century artists

Friday arrived and time for the Crazy Patchwork course at Farnworth UCAN. This WEA course follows on from the Painterly Patches course that I had attended for the past two terms. I missed last week’s session so was lagging a little behind, particularly as I had been continuing work on my piece of crazy patchwork from last term. That piece is still very much a “work in progress” but I had said to Shenna a fortnight ago that I would continue working on it at home and join in the theme for this term.

I sat in the ‘quiet’ room alongside Anne [with an ‘e’], Ann [without an ‘e’] and Adam whose first session it was. After I had introduced Adam to everyone in the other room on the course [and being introduced to Karen who attended last week for the first time] he and I began looking through some of Shenna’s prints and books seeking inspiration for a piece of work. Adam was excited at the prospect of getting his creative juices flowing as, he said, they had been hidden since he left school. Our theme for this term is “Twentieth Century Artists” and Adam was soon drawn to Gustav Klimt’s work. He was soon sketching out ideas for his piece and said he was looking forward to working with textiles, even though he couldn’t sew. We assured him that he would find plenty of help and support from Shenna and the rest of the group.

Adam looking through some of Shenna’s

I had in my mind the vibrant, spicy colours that I saw in Morocco and was drafting out ideas. Although I would like to use that sort of palette I haven’t yet come to any decision about how to put it into practice.

Diane discussing her patchwork owl
with Shenna

Diane came into the ‘quiet’ room to ask for Shenna’s advice on her beautiful owl. I am really looking forward to seeing him when completed as I think he will be absolutely delightful. Diane excitedly showed me his eyes, which she had stitched since last I saw it. She and I had been talking about how she would work his eyes and I had mentioned that I had seen some lovely stitched eyes. She told me on Friday that she had decided to stitch them and was very pleased with how they had turned out. They are beautiful, aren’t they?

The gorgeous eyes that Diane has made
for her owl

Ann [without an ‘e’] was beginning to knit a cardigan for her expected grandchild. Although I took a photograph it did not turn out well as she was using white yarn which didn’t show up against her clothing.

“Naomi” is nearing completion

Anne [with an ‘e’] was continuing to work on her piece: “Naomi”. She was working out how to attach the piece to mount board so that it can be hung on the wall.

This is Tracy’s current piece of crazy

Colin is progressing well with the bag he is
crocheting for his crochet hooks
Julia is working on a butterfly design

Jamila has decided to do some knitting this term and is currently using a bright red, but I don’t know what she is actually working on.

Lois cutting fabric for her piece

Lois has also taken inspiration from Klimt and is planning a design incorporating a stylised tree.

Karen placing pieces on her work

Karen is using a palette of soft and neutral colours for her piece. This was her second week and she seems to be making great progress.

I have continued to work on ideas for my piece but have no firm ideas at the moment. Watch this space!


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