More Happy Mail Has Arrived!

Knitting Smitten by
Jessica Biscoe

I am an addict – a giveaway addict. I am addicted to entering giveaways, especially those on the internet. Mind you, although I am sorely tempted to enter every giveaway in sight, I do try to restrict myself to the ones that I would actually like to win! After all, I don’t think I would ever recover if I won a cookery book or, worse still, a gadget related to housework. Oh, crikey! Where’s the cross and garlic? I mentioned the dreaded word! Phew, I was getting worried there!

Back to the matter in hand… Giveaways.

Made Peachy blog

Towards the end of April I was reading a guest post on the Made Peachy blog written by Jessica Biscoe of Jessica Joy about her new book, Knitting Smitten. It is a book of simple makes, several of which I thought would be ideal to knit for the various charities that I donate items to, or for small gifts. Jessica was offering three copies of her book in a giveaway hosted by Made Peachy so, of course, I entered. About a week ago I heard that I was one of the winners and the book arrived this week! 

If you know someone who is learning to knit, this book would make a lovely gift for her (or him!). It is published by Quadrille Craft. 


NUMBER OF PHOTOGRAPHS Over 100 colour photographs

BINDING Paperback

ISBN-13 9781849494632

FORMAT 210 x 210mm

RRP £12.99


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