Continuing Crazy Patchwork

Ann (without an ‘e’)’s completed quilt

Last week Ann (without an ‘e’) brought her completed baby quilt in to the class at Farnworth UCAN to show us the completed project. It makes a pleasant change to see a baby quilt that has not been made in the ubiquitous pastel shades. Even though Ann (without an ‘e’)’s quilt has that dreadful, unmentionable colour in it, I think the overall effect has its own appeal.

An Ideal Gift for Bossymamma!

This week, Ann (without an ‘e’) brought me a present! I love presents! (Last week, Adam brought me a lovely present… two clothing labels – and, yes, it was a lovely present! Strange, I know, but I am always very appreciative of garment labels.) The gift from Ann (without an ‘e’) was the tin in this photograph. At last! People are beginning to understand that, although I’m bossy, it’s because I am “She Who Must Be Obeyed”! Ha ha ha! I really, really like my tin – I just need to decide what to keep in it.

Diane’s Owl Cushion is almost

Getting back to the subject… Diane has been working hard on her lovely owl cushion. Isn’t it gorgeous? It has those lovely wings that you feel you can almost snuggle inside.

Snuggly Owl’s Wings
Cute feet made from pipe

And how about those cute feet. What a brilliant idea to make them out of orange pipe cleaners?

Marjolein’s crazy patchwork

I think everyone on the course agrees that Marjolein’s patchwork cottage is stunning. Her stitching is really bringing life to the piece of work. Beautiful.

Fabric strips with fusible webbing
already attached

We had a double lesson on the course yesterday and I was working hard on my new piece. I have chosen a work by one of the Fauvists as my inspiration and am attempting to do a reproduction of it in fabric. I think it might be more accurate to call it “crazy applique” rather than “crazy patchwork”, or perhaps it’s an amalgamation of the two techniques – I don’t know.

My cutting area

I have been doing more work on the piece at home today. These pictures show the work area I set up in our kitchen so that I could continue using the adhesive properties of fusible webbing.

Today’s work station with everything
easily to hand

Although it is looking different from what I was aiming for, nonetheless I am pleased with my progress. I wonder if I shall continue to be satisfied with it?


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