A Lovely Week Of Finishes

A lovely week of finishes. Well, it was supposed to be, but it didn’t quite work out like that.

I had several projects that I really wanted to complete so that I could move on to other things.

A pair of pairs of socks

With the help of my friend, Elizabeth, I recently knitted my first pair of socks. As that pair had used less than half of the ball of yarn I decided to embark on my second pair. I finished the first sock of that pair whilst Elizabeth was on holiday – well, I nearly finished it! When it came to attaching the two sides of the toe together I had a bit of a problem… I got into a muddle whilst attempting to work the Kitchener stitch join. (Kitchener stitch is a way of joining the two sides together without creating a seam, thereby making the sock far more comfortable. Once worked it resembles a row of knitting.) I put that sock onto stitch holders and began knitting the second. I made sure that by last Monday I had reached the same point on that second sock so that I could ask Elizabeth to remind me how to do Kitchener stitch. Being the kind friend she is, she patiently explained it to me again and, this time, I was able to follow and inwardly digest what she said. Cue my second pair of socks – finished.

Knitted and crocheted blanket for
Siblings Together

On Monday mornings I go to the knitting group that meets in Cuppaccinos Bistro at Red Bank in Radcliffe. As well as knitting and crocheting items for ourselves and our friends and family, we also do some for charity. We have been doing quite a bit of knitting for various organisations helping Syrian refugees and displaced persons but we all agreed that we also wanted to do something to support Siblings Together. We decided to knit and crochet squares which we would then make into a blanket and donate to Siblings Together. The members produced a LOT of squares which now have to be put together into the blankets. That delightful task has fallen to me and I am relieved and delighted to be able to report that I finished putting the first one together this week! Only another two blankets to go…

I had hoped that this week I would finish a patchwork quilt that I have been making, also for Siblings Together. However, I miscalculated the amount of binding that was needed, which delayed me. I also made a mistake when attaching one of the pieces of binding which necessitated me using my trusty stitch ripper. By the time I had unpicked it there was a squatter using the dining table so there was little chance of any more progress on the quilt. (Well, that’s my excuse, anyway!)

My crocheted basket

This was the item that prompted my Lovely Week of Finishes. When I arrived home after the crocheted baskets workshop I decided to complete the one that I had begun during the workshop because I knew that, if I didn’t, it would simply be left half-finished, indefinitely. Does that happen when you start making something at a workshop?


8 thoughts on “A Lovely Week Of Finishes

  1. Lovely finishes, Dina! Love the socks! The blanket is so bright and made for a wonderful cause. Beautiful! I would love to make a crochet blanket but joining all the squares scares me off.


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