Today Is A Very Special Day

My Special Rag Quilt

I am writing this post on 25 May 2014 – a very special day. Today is my elder son’s birthday – that’s special. Today would have been my late husband’s birthday – and that’s also special. But what makes today even more special is that it marks exactly one year since my brother, Nick, was told a story about his father’s previous family by Zio Mimi. Nick had no idea that his father had had another family but, luckily, he didn’t believe the whole story about that family. What he did do was rush home and scour the internet to see if he could find that other family and, once he had tracked one of them down, his partner found the telephone number by searching some more… Then Nick rang me! And the rest, as they say, is history.

My Little Brother – Nick

I cannot put into words what it has meant to me to learn about and meet Nick and also the other family members that I managed to meet whilst I was in Australia. However, what I can say is that it was truly a life-changing and life-enhancing experience.

My Rag Quilt

Shortly after my return from Australia I began attending a WEA course at Farnworth UCAN called “Painterly Patches”. The aim of the course was to use art and textiles to express oneself and so enhance and improve one’s mental health. My rag quilt was produced as a result of being on that course and of Nick’s telephone call.

Each of the four panels simply appeared when I began to put pencil to paper. I usually struggle to come up with ideas but these panels virtually came of their own volition – I was merely the channel through which they passed on their way to becoming tangible.

There are strong messages and meanings for me in each of the panels. I think the top left panel probably hints at that!?!

If you would like to read more about this amazing family story, click here for the start and then keep reading the posts until you are bored or fall asleep – whichever comes first.


4 thoughts on “Today Is A Very Special Day

  1. How could anyone get bored or fall asleep?? Such a lovely, heart warming story, not only that Nick found you but also your journey to Australia and meeting all your new family. Your story made me smile and cry and really was a riveting read and I think the quilt is physical proof of the journey you have travelled, and the joy and pleasure your 'new' family have given you. A lovely story that deserves to be told.


  2. I never watch those “long lost brother/sister/mother/father” programmes but, if I did, I think the story about after they meet would be far more interesting than the initial contact.


  3. Dina, thank you for sharing your amazing story! Me too, as Anne, smiled and cried while reading it, it's absolutely heart warming. I am truly happy that you found each other and that you felt a connection and started a new life journey together, as a family. It's so important to feel and be a part of a family. Beautiful story!


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