An Unwelcome Visitor Has Arrived

An unwelcome visitor called in yesterday and decided to stay a while. The visitor arrived when I was in the middle of trying to sort out travel arrangements for going to see my mother in a couple of weeks’ time. Obviously I had to stop what I was doing, but it was such a nuisance, especially as I haven’t been able to conclude that transaction yet.

Some visitors just don’t take the hint, do they? I have a little thing that I can do when this visitor turns up and it usually does the trick. Unfortunately, for some reason, the trick didn’t work this time and said visitor hung around all day and, in fact, ended up staying the night!

The visit meant that I couldn’t work on the things that I wanted to get done yesterday – most especially finishing the binding on my second quilt for Siblings Together. I did manage to put together a few knitted and crocheted squares on blanket number two for Siblings Together, but nothing else.

Peter was lovely, trying to take off some of the pressure caused by the visitor, but his efforts were of little avail. The visitor just seemed to dominate everything and even ended up staying overnight.

I managed a reasonable night’s sleep last night (unusually) but awoke to face the day… and the visitor.

I would really like to evict the visitor today so that I may have some peace and quiet.

Oh! You want to know the visitor’s name?

It’s Ang Zya Tee.

** If you, or someone you know, is affected by Anxiety there is an organisation that may be able to help:

Anxiety UK


6 thoughts on “An Unwelcome Visitor Has Arrived

  1. Thinking about you and sending 'happy thoughts'.
    This might make you smile, I was gardening in the park in the rain today, I can't stand wearing a hood or hat so I looked like a drowned muddy lady as I walked home, had some strange looks!!!


  2. Thank you, Irene. What amuses me about your story is that you may well see those people again but they will still have the image of the drowned muddy lady in their heads. 🙂


  3. Having endured visits from Ang Zya Tee periodically over the years, Dina, you have my sympathy … hope you manage the eviction today and you can complete the travel arrangements. I've spent the morning clearing the mess in my craft room and now it's ready for a bit of crafting. Take care. Elizabeth xx


  4. This “lovely” visitor always comes uninvited and always wants to overstay way past the “proper” visiting hours. Hope you are feeling much better by now, Dina. I know how debilitating it can be dealing with anxiety, just hang in there, try all the possible tricks you know of to get on top of it. My latest trick is to just let it be and remind myself over and over again – it's just a phase and it's going to pass sooner or later. Some days it works. Take it easy and look after yourself, Dina.


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