I Should Have Finished Last Week

On Sunday I wrote about last week’s finishes and mentioned that I hadn’t managed to complete the quilt I was making for Siblings Together. I was a little disappointed as it was a goal I had set myself but thought that I would get round to doing it fairly soon.

Then, of course, Ang Zya Tee decided to make itself felt even more than usual which led to me doing very little. However, yesterday I pushed myself to continue with the quilt, despite still feeling more anxious than is my norm. All that was left to do was to pin and stitch the binding on to one long side, one short side and a few inches of the second long side so I reasoned with myself that it should be achievable.

Simple quilted top –
Siblings Together quilt

And, guess what? Yep! I finished it. Now that probably doesn’t seem like much of an achievement when there was so little to do but, believe me, it is. When the anxiety I suffer with is heightened, it is really hard to even think of doing anything. In fact, if I had had to make any sort of decision whilst working on the binding I would not have been able to continue. However, all decisions had already been made, except deciding to work on it yesterday, so I didn’t feel too threatened by it. And, I did it! Hooray for me! In the battle against the “A” word, yesterday was 1-0 to me.

Fleece backing of
Siblings Together quilt

To make this quilt I continued using the ready-cut squares that I had in my stash. As with the other quilt I made recently, there was an abundance of lilac-coloured squares compared to all of the other colours. However, with my trusty squared paper and crayons, I set about planning the layout. There are some places where two lilac squares meet but, there were so many of that colour, it was really hard to avoid that happening. I don’t think it matters too much as I was aiming for a random array of colours and patterns. There were insufficient numbers in any other colours or designs to enable me to plan an actual pattern so random was definitely the way to go. Also, my thinking was that the recipient could easily spend hours contemplating how the squares are laid out – and those quiet hours could be desperately needed by him or her.

The fleece backing for the quilt dictated the need to make the quilt out of at least four sections. I had been given the fleece by Abakhan Fabrics and it was in pieces of roughly the size shown on the quilt. As there were several pieces in various shades of pink I decided that I would put those together. Although the shades are completely different, I don’t think that matters too much.

I didn’t use any wadding, having decided that the fleece would give sufficient warmth, so simply did free motion quilting on one section at a time. The sections were then joined together with sashing cut from a candy-stripe cotton sheet and binding (made from the same sheet) added around the edges.

Quilt made from pre-cut

The Quilt Police wouldn’t be terribly impressed with my work but, unless they have a search warrant, they won’t be coming here to see it! So… Yah Boo Sucks to them!


6 thoughts on “I Should Have Finished Last Week

  1. Well done, Dina! This is a pretty quilt that is going to be very loved. I like that the top part of the quilt is muted lilac and the back side is so vibrant. It makes it look like two separate quilts.


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