There’s Been An Addition To The Family

It is well known that rabbits reproduce at an alarming rate, but I wasn’t aware that the same could be said of teddy bears!

Today Emba and Fre welcomed a cousin into the family. Please stand well back and prepare to welcome… Vari:

Teddy Bear for the children
of Syria

Please don’t crowd in on Vari as we can’t be sure of the outcome. In case you hadn’t guessed, Vari has Chicken Pox – otherwise known as Varicella – hence the spots. I know the spots are multicoloured but that’s because Vari is a very cosmopolitan bear!

You’ll be pleased to hear that I have reverted to type. I mucked up whilst cutting out the fleece to make Vari. I forgot to add the seam allowance to my new, improved template. Oops! So I still don’t know if I have hit upon the right shape. However, in a bid to look just the tiniest bit capable, I have written a note on the template reminding me to add the seam allowance when cutting out!

Watch this space to see if I ever manage to produce a bear of reasonable proportions – but DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH!


8 thoughts on “There’s Been An Addition To The Family

  1. Dina, it's lovely – and what's better for a poorly child that a poorly teddy!! I must admit that I didn't think about chicken pox – I was leaning more towards he consisted of a variety of coloured spots!!!


  2. Love your story, Dina, and the new Vari teddy bear. I am with Anne, I was thinking of VARIety of spots but I love the chicken pox element better. And I like this new shape as well. Oh, and the scarf too. It's a pity that quilts and bears go to different places (I am so forgetful when it comes to details, sorry) but then your creations can make more kiddies happy. Good idea of making a note on the template, I am sure it's going to help. Looking forward to seeing more new additions to Bear Family!


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