Today We Needed An Ambulance

Oh my goodness, it was panic stations here today whilst I was at the reading group! 

Peter was left in charge. I was sure that he would be vigilant and, after all, I was only likely to be gone for a couple of hours. What could go wrong?

I returned home and was bringing in the shopping I had picked up on the way back when Peter appeared with a cheerful “hello”. I walked into the living room with no reason to think there was a problem and this was what awaited me…

One poorly Tom Bear!

Emba, Fre and Vari’s cousin, Tom, had flown in from Vancouver early this morning and there had been wonderful family celebrations going on all morning. When I had left to go to reading group, the four of them were poring over the family albums – not exactly a dangerous activity! Somehow, during my absence, Tom had managed to break her leg – yes, her leg. Tom, in case you hadn’t realised, is a little girl bear. Actually, it shouldn’t have been a surprise that she broke her leg as she is a real Tom-boy, hence her name, “Tom”.

I must give Peter his due, he dealt with the emergency brilliantly and, as you can see below, Tom’s leg is now completely healed.

Tom Bear enjoying the sunshine

I’m beginning to wonder just how many relations these little bears have! I think we could end up with more teddies than we can shake a stick at!


4 thoughts on “Today We Needed An Ambulance

  1. Seems like you are having an invasion of sweet little bears. I am wondering what bear is going to come over next – a boy or a girl, what colour and what would be his/hers name. 🙂


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