Surely Friday the Thirteenth is Next Week?

Today has been a mixed day. The start wasn’t great and the fact that I forgot to take my camera to the course at Farnworth UCAN didn’t help. Mind you, it was good fun when someone tooted their horn at me just because I had indicated and pulled over to pick up Adam. Hee hee hee. Well, we have to get our entertainment wherever and whenever we can, don’t we?

During the session I continued to work on my project based on a Fauvist-style painting. I hadn’t touched it for well over a week and was pleasantly surprised when I opened it as I had forgotten how much of the appliqué I had managed to get done. Adam moved on to creating his interpretation of Klimt’s work using textiles. It is lovely to see his enthusiasm.
Ann [without an ‘e’] continued to knit a cardigan for her expected grandchild and Marjolein was embellishing her amazing cottage. 

Anne [with an ‘e’] arrived with goodies for various people, including some baby blankets and baby clothes which she gave to me for Hand in Hand for Syria. She wasn’t able to work on her ‘Naomi’ for various reasons, including the fact that she can’t find it! Apparently Naomi is safely in a bag, it’s just that Anne [with an ‘e’] is not sure exactly where!

Diane has finished her beautiful owl but I told her she would have to bring it in again next week so that I could take a photo of it.

Jamila had completed a crocheted blanket which she was giving to Tracy, and, Erica has completed a knitted teddy bear, also for Hand in Hand for Syria. I am humbled by people’s willingness to make and/or donate things to this cause which I keep telling them about and which is so important to me and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.


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