Family From Far-Flung Places

Teddy Bear relations

There has been huge excitement here in recent days with the arrival of relations from Scandinavia.

An email arrived last week which caused a bit of a stir as none of us could read it, nor even recognise the language! A fair amount of time was spent trawling through various dictionaries and foreign language books in an attempt to decipher the email, or, at the very least, find out which language it was written in.

Finally, Fre had a brainwave, remembering talk of a Great Aunt and her husband who had gone to live somewhere cold: somewhere in Scandinavia he thought… possibly Finland?

A few frantic minutes later we managed to find a document in Finnish which seemed to show that the email was, indeed, from there. Once we had had the email translated we saw that Great Aunt Emi, her husband, son, daughter-in-law and three children were coming to visit. Oh my goodness! What pandemonium ensued!

As you know, I really don’t approve of housew*rk but, of course, there are times when it is a necessary evil – and visiting relations that you’ve never met before create one of those times. So it’s been all paws on deck to get the house gleaming. Even Vari had to help! But, we did it! Phew!

The Finnish contingent

Allow me to introduce you to the Finnish family who arrived this morning. I’m afraid I can’t tell you their names as they are so difficult to understand, let alone try to put down in writing!

As before, all these teddies will be
donated to Hand in Hand for Syria

If you’re wondering about the significance of Finland I shall explain. I began making these bears last week and now I’ve “Finnish”-ed them! And, Emi? Well, it’s pretty obvious that she was so named because she “Emi”-grated!

From Finland to Syria, via Radcliffe


6 thoughts on “Family From Far-Flung Places

  1. You really should be on the stage Dina!! You should show everyone how to make them and then you can make up the stories that surround them – they are so funny!! Whoever would've thought teddies could make you do housework!!


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