Some Lovely Finishes

Diane with her characterful
patchwork owl cushion

Woohoo! Or should that be T-whit T-woohoo? Diane’s lovely patchwork owl cushion is completed and I had remembered to take my camera along so I was able to photograph the two of them. I think he is absolutely gorgeous. His eyes are so full of character and his chest is bright and colourful, making him a delight to look at.

Erica with two of the teddies she
has knitted for Syria

As well as Diane’s lovely cushion, there were two more teddies from Erica. She had already given me one teddy but when I went to the course at the UCAN in Farnworth on Friday, she showed me two more darling bears that she had made for the children of Syria. (I had also been given two knitted bears by Jacqui at sewing group the day before, which had been knitted by one of her hundreds of sisters. OK, maybe not hundreds exactly, but she had ten siblings so it was nearly hundreds!)

 Tracy’s crazy patchwork

Tracy has been working on this piece of crazy patchwork and it is coming along well. Unfortunately the stitching does not show well in my photograph.

Ashleigh’s cushion having a tree
appliqued onto it
Tracy’s daughter, Ashleigh, has only just joined the course. She is making a tartan cushion onto which she is putting a tree, using applique. She seems to have quite an artistic flair and is keen to learn.

Marjolein’s crazy patchwork cottage
just gets better and better
Marjolein is still working on her crazy patchwork cottage. She was telling me that she sometimes thinks she should have finished it by now but I commented that with this type of patchwork one can work on it indefinitely – people looking at it would all have different ideas of when the ‘end’ was reached.

Anne (with an ‘e’) is working on the final stages of her Naomi wall hanging, having threatened to take it to pieces and redo the whole thing. I think the only person who thought that was a good idea was her!

Ann (without an ‘e’) completed the left front of a cardigan she is knitting for her expected grandchild. Although this may not seem like much to someone who knits, it is a major achievement for Ann (without an ‘e’) and it spurred her on to start on the right front. She may need some support when knitting but I am sure she will finish the cardigan before the baby is born.
Colin has made good progress on the bag he is making for his crochet hooks and I am pleased with the way in which my appliqued picture is coming along. There is only one more session of our course left but we have agreed that we will continue to meet at UCAN throughout the summer.

One last thing… Colin and Diane announced that they are getting married in a few months’ time! Congratulations and best wishes to them both.


4 thoughts on “Some Lovely Finishes

  1. Very creative group of crafters! Thank you, Dina, for sharing the photos. All the things are nice but I really like Tracy's crazy patchwork. Happy crafting!


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