Taking Inspiration From Wherever You Find It

Colourful hand-design cushion

The first time I visited my cousin Armand’s apartment I was blown away by some of the artworks. There was a beautiful textile work framed and hanging and also two lovely cushions. The photograph above shows my favourite of the two. I love the colours, the shapes and the way it laughs out loud. I know that there are artists who scoff at textile works and say they are not art, but who appointed them to make such a decision?

Close-up of hand design cushion

You can see from this picture the way in which the pattern is created. I find it fascinating that such a beautiful piece can be created from such a simple form of chain stitch. Such beauty from such simplicity. I decided there and then that I wanted to have a go at making something using only chain stitch.

Circles and Lines design cushion

This is the second of the cushions. I love the reds, white and black but am not so keen on the other colours, but I do like the overall effect.

Close-up of the stitch detail

I’m really not sure how the stitch is worked in the design – it looks like a cross between a knit stitch and an embroidered chain stitch. In any event, I am hoping that working entirely in an embroidered chain stitch will give a similar effect. 

Abstract chain stitch pattern

I have begun this piece of work in chain stitch. I have no idea what I shall do with it when it is finished, mind you, that day probably won’t dawn for a very long time yet! I am using stranded thread of various brands and a fairly lightweight unbleached calico. I have not planned a design, instead I have decided to see where the pattern takes me.


8 thoughts on “Taking Inspiration From Wherever You Find It

  1. Awww, it's not my fault Dina, chain stitch just doesn't work for me – so I have to substitute with split stitch – at least I found an alternative rather than just giving up – please can I have 1 merit point for that please??


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