My Creative Visit To The West End

I haven’t forgotten you! Truly, I haven’t!

I have been making things# since my last blog post but most of them have now been broken up and thrown away. Breaking and throwing away the things I make is not something I would normally do, but then life has been anything but normal lately.

My creativity has involved a trip or two to the West End and also the East End. These trips have been rather tiring, especially with the hot and humid weather we’ve been having, but so rewarding. I can really see things coming together, which is so rewarding, particularly when I have been working so hard. You know that feeling? The one you get when you work and work and seem to be getting nowhere? And then, all of a sudden, you realise that there has been a massive move forward? Yes? Well, that’s what it has been like for me over the past few days. There is still much work to be done but I am so pleased to have reached a stage where I can see what I’ve achieved.

So… What is this project I’ve been working on? Well, it’s not something I would want to do again, particularly as the client has been rather difficult to work with at times. It has involved a lot of time, research, travelling and expense, not to mention the stress and anxiety it has created.

Ladies and gentlemen, Bossymamma is pleased to unveil photos relating to her current work-in-progress. I give you…

The West End:

Of my mother’s new living room

and the East End:

Of the same room!

Yes, I have been moving my mother who decided to downsize from her two-bedroomed flat to a one-bedroomed. However, she refused to accept that she would not be able fit ALL of her clothes and other paraphernalia into the smaller space so…

I have been using the limited storage space very creatively. I have also been quite creative in my use of language so as not to cuss at her when she annoys me!

On Tuesday I hope to be able to find time and space to participate in the Summer Journal project that Myfanwy Hart is organising. I have already signed up – although, as usual, I have no idea what I am doing! If you fancy joining in, click on the Summer Journal link.


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