Summer Journal – Prompt 3

Mosaic of Liberty Tana Lawn patterns

I have signed up for the Summer Journal project organised by Myfanwy Hart as an antidote to the summer of sport that is all around us.

Today’s prompt asked what our fashion style is. Hmm, how to explain that one!?!

My journal sheets about My Style

I began by putting pen to beetroot-juice-painted paper in the book I am using as my journal. Apologies for the diabolical writing – it is caused by (1) me playing with my handwriting using an italic pen and (2) having to continually change position in my chair to avoid the strong sunlight shining in the room. [I am suffering a painful outbreak of sun rash – not sunburn – plus prickly heat and need to keep out of the sun.]

As you can see from my journal, my style is ‘fling it on’ casual. I just wish I had the panache to carry it off! I don’t like clothes to interfere with my life. Once they are on, I want to forget about them, not have to keep worrying if they look good, are hanging right, creased etc.

Purple, lilac and blue

I love wearing chunky cardigans that I can pull round me and snuggle into. Oh, and they must have lots of colour, particularly lilac and purple, but also yellow, pink and blue.

There is one other thing…

Open lattice-work on the
back of a dress

I do like clothes that have surprises. A tailored skirt with a saucy slit hidden in a pleat, a demure dress with no back, that kind of thing. Mind you, my age and shape suggest that I avoid wearing such clothes – and that is one thing I take notice of!


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